Ryan Humbert

Hospitality Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemical Engineering/Energy Business Finance

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2017: Hospitality Committee Member
THON 2018: Hospitality Captain (Beverages)
THON 2019: Family Relations Captain (Family Program Coordinator)
THON 2020: Hospitality Director

Why did you want to be a Director?

I absolutely love the sense of community that THON creates. I wanted to be a Director for the simple reason of wanting to do as much as I can for THON. I have had nothing but amazing experiences within THON and I am very motivated to give back to this organization with my whole heart. I hope to foster the ideas of both captains and committee members alike to help everybody achieve their goals and have the best experience possible.

What are your main duties as the Hospitality Director for THON 2020?

My main responsibility is to oversee all of the food and beverage donations for THON Weekend and all Pre-THON Events (5K, Family Carnival, etc). I will be tasked with ensuring that the Hospitality Committee is as logistically efficient and sustainable throughout the year while maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of large corporate donors and local in-kind donors.

What is your favorite THON memory?

My freshman year I had the opportunity to dress up as Carl the Conqueror and hang out in the kids lounge for about a half hour. Seeing the joy and happiness that THON brings these children made that experience so worthwhile for me. Despite sweating my tail off, I couldn't help but smile for every picture, even though you couldn't see my drenched face in the massive Carl mask.

Are you involved in any orgs?

I am also involved with Phi Gamma Nu, a professional business fraternity. My sophomore year I had an opportunity to go on a canning/canvassing/ribboning trip with them, and it provided me with a great bonding experience as well as showed me the far reach, impact, and generosity that THON creates.

Favorite Quote

“As you walk, eat, and travel, be where you are” -Buddha

Other involvement outside of THON.

Phi Gamma Nu Professional Business Fraternity

Plans for after college graduation.

I plan to work in the energy and chemicals industry with (hopefully) a focus in renewable energy.