Dear THON Supporters,

When I think about THON, I think about the idea of family. It is not a time, event, or any geographical location; it is the feeling of being constantly surrounded by people who support one another through any journey. This family shares the collective hope of a future where no parents will ever hear the words, “your child has cancer”. Although we are starting this year apart, we never really are far from each other -- THON helps to create that sense of family no matter where you go.

My name is Katie Solomon and I am the Executive Director for THON 2021. I am privileged to be able to serve the community that has given me a home and family at Penn State. It is a true honor to lead this organization alongside some of the most passionate, creative, and selfless people I have ever known. This community continues to provide strength in the face of adversity and be a source of light through the dark for so many students, alumni, families, and friends.

THON comes from humble beginnings, starting in 1973 when less than 100 participants raised $2,000. To see decades of hard work bring us to the point where we have 16,500 student volunteers raising multiple millions for the fight against childhood cancer is a breathtaking sight. We would not be where we are at today without every single member of this family. Thank you for your commitment to joining us on this journey that will not stop until the day we dance in celebration.

Childhood is a beautiful thing and we are fighting for it.

For The Kids®,

Katie Solomon
THON 2021 Executive Director