Dear THON Supporters,

2020 was a year of trials and hardships, setbacks and disappointments. But for THON 2021, it was also a year of incredible growth, unparalleled support, and unprecedented learning. During THON 2021, we learned that THON is not merely a place or a building, but that it is more than that—THON is home. We learned that the THON Community is resilient, selfless, and more passionate than we had ever dreamed. We learned that the depth of our love for our families, and for each other, knows no bounds. During THON 2021, we learned again that cancer doesn’t stop, so neither can we.

My name is Kate Colgan, and I am the Executive Director for THON 2022. I have the privilege of serving this community that has given me my home here at Penn State. THON is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. The outpouring of love from Penn State students for people many have never even met is beautifully unparalleled. I am so lucky to have the honor of working alongside thousands of the most passionate, creative, caring, and truly incredible individuals in the fight against childhood cancer.

THON comes from humble beginnings, starting in 1973 when less than 100 participants raised $2,000. In its 50th year of hard work, THON has amassed 16,500 student volunteers raising millions of dollars yearly for the fight against childhood cancer, an astonishing sight. We would not be where we are today without every single member of the THON Community. Thank you for your commitment to joining us in pursuit of a day where no parent has to hear the words “your child has cancer."

One day we will dance in celebration—until then we dance for a cure.

For The Kids®,

Kate Colgan
THON 2022 Executive Director