Emily Laird

Emily Laird, a 2022 Penn State graduate, helps spread THON’s mission across the world from Pamplona, Spain. Emily was involved in THON through Club Cross Country and was on a Dancer Relations committee for THON 2019 and THON 2020, was an Outreach Coordinator on the Communications committee for THON 2021 and was the 100 Days to THON Captain on the Special Events Committee for THON 2022. Emily also danced in THON 2022 for Club Cross Country and had an amazing experience. She also received the Tally Sepot Memorial Award for her spirit and enthusiasm, which is helping her to be abroad now. THON is where she found friends, and because of her experience, she wanted to continue being engaged with THON even with being many miles away. Emily feels especially connected to THON’s mission because of the community she found within the THON families she has interacted with. She adores Club Cross Country’s three families and has made a strong connection with all of them. During move in her first year, Emily actually met a THON family which was also the THON child's last day of chemotherapy! They were then the family story during her Dancer Relations Committee meeting soon after. During her 3rd year, Emily and her Communications committee were paired with the same family through THON’s Pen Pal Program! Emily believes that THON is home for her, and still feels engaged because of the people she loves that are still at Penn State volunteering with THON. She connects through emails and social media. Emily’s commitment to THON’s mission spans across countries and shows THON’s worldwide reach.