Caroline Camp

Caroline Camp, a 2022 Penn State graduate, helps spread THON’s mission across the world from Valencia, Spain. Caroline was involved with THON on a Dancer Relations Committee her first year, on the Family Relations Committee her second and third years, and as the Family Relations Director her fourth year. Her favorite THON memories include Harvest Day last year when THON volunteers and Four Diamonds families got together in person for the first time since 2020 and Family Hour during THON 2022. She felt so connected to THON during her time at Penn State that she wanted to continue being involved post-graduation, regardless of how far away she is from State College. With the roles she has been in, she has gotten to meet many Four Diamonds families and hear their stories personally. This makes it impossible to not feel so passionate about the mission. The people she has met throughout her time with THON are so passionate about its mission that it’s infectious. She has a special place in her heart for the reasons why they THON. Today, Caroline still feels engaged with THON regardless of distance, because if there is anything that THON 2021 taught her, it is that THON is not limited to the Bryce Jordan Center or State College, PA, but rather a feeling. She keeps up with THON through social media and with her sister who is a THON Captain currently. She still is friends with Four Diamonds families on Facebook and sees their posts about going to THON events. Caroline’s dedication to the THON community reaches across continents and shows THON’s great scope.