by Emma Harmer

by Emma Harmer


Communications Director: Conor Barber 

67 Committee Members 

  • Organization development: help to create useful resources for organizations and THON chairs 
  • Volunteer Education: help to brainstorm and develop theme of the information booths as well as think of new ways to educate other THON Volunteers  
  • University Outreach: Assist at information sessions to introduce or educate them about THON and help facilitate at the mini-THON Outreach event 
  • THON Weekend: Typically would help run concessions, staff info booths, lost and found booths, and captain sleep shifts.  

Dancer Relations 

Dancer Relations Director: Nick Vicidomini 

552 Committee Members  

  • Train in Dancer Wellness and EMS to ensure the safety and well-being of dancers ​ 
  • Organize pre-THON events like Commonwealth Dancer Retreat, Dancer Registration, and Color Wars Kickoff​ 
  • Plan and execute THON Weekend events for dancers, like Mail Call, Package Call, Playground, and Theme Hours.​ 
  • Create an entertaining and comforting atmosphere through decoration and activities in different areas of the BJC ​ 
  • THON Weekend: paired with a dancer as physical and emotional support to ensure the dancer’s success standing all 46 hours FTK​ 

Donor & Alumni Relations 


DAR Development Director: Aidan Cliff 

16 Captains 

  • Work to establish and maintain relationships with thousands of potential, current, and past donors​ 
  • Review, manage, and support THON Nation Fundraisers ​ 
  • Help organizations reach their fundraising and participatory goals ​ 
  • Take personal responsibility for the experience of all of THON’s corporate and individual donors​ 
  • Foster a relationship with the local State College Community ​ 
  • THON Weekend: give behind-the-scenes tours, staff donor suites, and plan receptions ​ 

Alumni Engagement 

DAR Alumni Engagement Director: Eddie Issertell 

16 Captains  

  • Work to build and uphold THON’s relationship with thousands of Penn State Alumni across the country​ 
  • Serve as the voice of THON to countless Alumni groups, chapters and individuals​ 
  • Work to further THON’s fundraising campaigns with an alumni focus.​ 
  • THON Weekend: give exclusive alumni tours, staff alumni suites, and plan receptions 


Family Relations 

Family Relations Director: Anne Papandreas 

25 Captains 

  • Provide year-round assistance and support to Four Diamonds Families and welcome new families into the THON Community 
  • Provide emotional support and care through programs like Families Helping Families, the TEENetwork, and Kids’ mail Call 
  • Pair families and organizations through the Adopt-A-Family Program 
  • Connect families and volunteers with the Penn pal Program and Teen Mentorship Program 
  • Plan and execute Family Involvement in events throughout the year, including Harvest Day, THON Hoops, and THON Hockey 
  • Plan THON Weekend Events Kids Talent Show, Kids Fashion Show, and the THON Explorers Program 
  • Carry the love and legacy of our THON Angels to the THON Community 
  • Ensure that the families remain at the heart of our mission 


Finance Director: Madison Hayes 

  • Record check donations throughout the year entering donor information, check amounts, and organizations crediting into a system to track THON’s total throughout the year 
  • Maintain the integrity of THON’s total by carefully tracking donations 
  • Help count money for large volume days such as the Dream Forward Campaign and Donation Box Drop Off 
  • THON Weekend: Staff donation stations along the concourse to assist donors and collect final donations 


Entertainment Director: Emily Scott 

48 Committee Members 

  • Brainstorm and execute new, innovate, and fun ways to keep the crowd energized, excited and engaged during pre-THON and THON events  
  • Plan and carry out games, trivia and contests for the crowd to participate in 
  • Work extensively with Entertainment Captains on their respective roles to represent roles to represent the crowd’s perspective and help unify the entire BJC 
  • Work with Several other Committees in taking their Pre-THON and THON events to the next level by engaging the crowd 


Hospitality Director: Adam Pembleton 

230 Committee members 

  • Work with donors to procure and serve all food and beverage donations at THON events  
  • Fuel THON’s dancers, families, and volunteers through exceptional support and service 
  • Work water stations during THON 5K, distribute treats at 100 days, and staff concessions at THON basketball games 
  • THON weekend: decorate, organize, prepare, and maintain all Hospitality area; service Dancer and Family meals; run the Snack Shack and concession stands 


Merchandise Director: Sammy Papik 

46 Committee Members 

  • Spreads awareness of THON through the sales of our product in the THON Store and Special Events Sales throughout the year and during THON Weekend 
  • Work in the THON store for 1-3 hours each week, assisting customers, and maintain a positive, enjoyable environment 
  • Inventory committees: Help manage and count back-of-store inventory, assist in counting and organization of Blue storage inventory days 

Public Relations 

Public Relations Director: Sam Koon  

26 Captains, 80 Committee Members  

  • Serve as the voice of THON™ to spread awareness for THON’s mission on a local, state, and national level​ 
  • Photography: Capture and preserve the memories from different events and THON Weekend. ​ 
  • Promotions: Utilize marketing techniques and campaigns to promote THON events around State College and beyond.​ 
  • Production: Film THON events throughout the year including THON Weekend.  

Special Events 

Special Events Director: Brian Seitz 

105 Committee Members 

  • Create the inspirational and informative atmosphere at events such as the THON 5K powered by PNC, 100 Days ‘Til THON, and Family Carnival 
  • Plan the Closer to a Cure Celebration, THON Athletic Hour, and all Hair Donations, along with THON Dodgeball and THON Skate 
  • THON Weekend: Help run concessions and parking; create and maintain the THON History Tour and the THON Museum 


OPPerationns Direction: Lindsay Traino 

500 Committee Members 

  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for the Four Diamonds Families and THON volunteers 
  • Logistically plan and prepare for all pre-THON events and THON Weekend, transforming the BJC into THON’s home 
  • Set up: lay mats, unload Penskes, set up Dancer Storage 
  • During THON Weekend: organized slides of strength, keep BJC in working working conditions, maintain safe/health environment (sanitation, waste removal) 
  • Tear down: roll mats, take pipe and drape, and load supplies back into Penskes  
  • Play a main role in THON’s zero waste initiative by ensuring proper waste management at all events 

Rules & Regulations 

1000+ Committee Members 

Fundraising Safety 

Fundraising Safety Director: Kate Colgan  

  • Facilitate most of THON’s volunteer-based fundraising efforts 
  • Foster fundraising success and integrity by providing assistance and relaying necessary guidelines to THON volunteers 
  • Ensure that all THON volunteers practice safe fundraising techniques 
  • Work alongside the Event Safety Committee to secure the Bryce Jordan Center during THON weekend 

Event Safety 

Event Safety Director: Emily Johnson  

  • Create safe and secure environment at a number of THON events, including THON 5K, Family Carnival and THON Weekend 
  • Facilitate many aspects of building management, including Entrance Plan, Floor Access, and multiple THON Weekend Events for both dancers and families 

Supply Logistics 

Supply Logistics Director: Nate Wilson 

18 Captains  

  • Acquire all in-kind donations (non-monetary/non-food) for all pre-THON Events and THON Weekend to ensure THON continues to give over 91 cents of every dollar raised directly to Four Diamonds 
  • Responsible for THON Raffle, GCI, Hershey Holiday Toy Drive, Operation KIDS, Dancer Bags, Balloons, and maintaining inventory of THON’s three main storage areas  
  • Ensure every committee has the supplies necessary to make their projects and events successful  


Technology Director: Andy Donato  

24 Captains 

  • Provide software solutions and technical support 
  • Responsible for the development, administration, maintenance, and improvement of THINK, The THON Weekend Dashboard (Dash), the THON Online Store,, and other special projects  
  • Maintain and develop THON’s systems by taking advantage of the latest technologies 

Having the opportunity to be involved in the largest student-run philanthropy in the world is an experience like no other. Even though THON may look different this year, our mission remains the same. Committee volunteers work tirelessly throughout the year so that one year we can dance in celebration. For The Kids! 

(information is taken from committee of the week powerpoints)