Dream Forward Campaign

Dreams begin in childhood and inspire us to move forward. THON has ignited a selfless pursuit for compassion in the hearts of a generation of young philanthropists who empower themselves and their community to take action for those who still have dreams to fulfill. A community of students, alumni, doctors, nurses, researchers, donors, and families

Saying Goodbye to THON

Saying Goodbye to THON By Chelsea Bauer Well, this is it, my last THON ever as a Penn State student. As surreal as this journey felt, it also had me thinking, “Wow, I wish I got involved sooner.” Unfortunately for me, I joined my first committee during junior year. Looking back as a senior, I


THANK YOU!! The weekend is finally here and THON IS TOMORROW! After preparing all year for the most magical event on campus, it can be overwhelming to realize we will begin our 46-hour dance marathon tomorrow. As we embark on this journey together, Julie and I would like to say thank you to everyone who

THON™ Playlist

THON™ Playlist One of the best ways to re-group during THON Weekend and take some time for yourself is to listen to music! Music can help refresh the mind, enhance touching moments of the weekend, and get you on your feet dancing! THON Weekend is filled with energy and intense emotion, so it’s important to have a playlist

THON Outfit Ideas

THON Outfit Ideas Just like award shows or the Met Gala, THON has its own sense of style during the weekend. Whether you wear the same outfit or have a couple of costume changes throughout the 46 hours, it can be daunting to decide what to wear. Here are some ideas that keep the energy high,


46LIVE Our yearlong THON™ efforts would not be fulfilled without the help of 46LIVE documenting our journey and THON Weekend every year. 46LIVE is a student-run organization supported by the Bellisario College of Communications. They live stream Family Carnival and THON Weekend and create profiles of dancers, interview directors, and other behind the scenes videos for the stream.  The primary goal of 46LIVE is produce a livestream that

How to talk to dancers

How to talk to dancers While THON™ embraces an amazing environment for our THON children and families, we can’t forget about the dancers who sacrifice their bodies to help create the magical weekend. Here are a couple of general rules to keep in mind when talking to the dancers.    Even though it’s courteous in nature to ask, “How are you doing?”

Fanny Pack Essentials

Fanny Pack Essentials It may be an iconic fashion statement from the 90s, but fanny packs are essential during THON Weekend. But once you secure your brightly colored lifeline, what should you pack in it? Well look no further, we have the complete list of everything you need in your fanny pack for the 46-hour weekend!  Portable charger– Unfortunately,

How to make a perfect bow

How to make a perfect bow STEP ONE Collect your supplies  30 inches of 3-inch ribbon 12 inches of ⅞-inch ribbon Zip tie Lighter Hair Tie Sewing supplies (optional) STEP TWO  Lay your 3-inch ribbon down flat and horizontally. Fold about a third of the right side down at a 45-degree angle. Do the same