by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Kelsea Harshbarger, Evan Halfen, & Allison McKnight

THON™ has countless inspiring endeavors, including operating the THON Store that is located inside the HUB-Robeson Center. Open each weekday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the THON Store houses a wide variety of THON merchandise that ranges from t-shirts and sweatshirts to hats and sweatpants. In addition to the brick-and-mortar store, there is also a THON Store website where people can purchase THON merchandise from wherever they are. Having two different shopping experiences allows anyone to purchase merchandise and spread the spirit of THON. Not only does THON sell fun and stylish clothing, but all of the profits made from selling merchandise go directly to THON’s sole beneficiary, Four Diamonds.

THON’s Merchandise Committees are responsible for overseeing and managing the store to ensure that all of the store’s operations run smoothly. Frankie Riehl, one of the THON 2024 Merchandise Captains, explains that shifts are worked by members of the THON Merchandise Captain Committee. “The main goal of those working in the THON Store is to help any customers with questions that they have about the merch and to assist them in the check-out process,” Riehl said.

The supply of merch comes from [their] distributor: Collegiate Pride. “[Collegiate Pride] is super helpful with all the huge merchandise orders that [the Merchandise Committees] send them to provide for the whole THON Community,” explains Riehl.

Photo: Sami Reilly

The shelves of the THON Store are constantly stocked with amazing designs. This year’s merchandise designs are the work of Ashley Goon and Jordyn Sanders, the THON 2024 Product Design Captains. There are always so many fantastic designs to choose from. “Some common big sellers are the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC) Crewneck, the For The Kids® Polaroid T-Shirt, and the 2022 Alpine Green Crewneck,” said Riehl. The wide variety of options to choose from is just one part of what makes the THON Store so great. 

Overall, the THON Store has been an enormous success over the years. The THON Merchandise Committees have done an excellent job of keeping the store stocked and well-maintained to create the best experience possible for all customers. The THON Store is one of many wonderful aspects of THON Community that gives supporters, alumni, students, and donors that opportunity to represent THON’s mission everywhere they go!

Cover photo credit to: Emily Deacon