by Jordan Corley


Our yearlong THON™ efforts would not be fulfilled without the help of 46LIVE documenting our journey and THON Weekend every year. 46LIVE is a student-run organization supported by the Bellisario College of Communications. They live stream Family Carnival and THON Weekend and create profiles of dancers, interview directors, and other behind the scenes videos for the stream. 

The primary goal of 46LIVE is produce a livestream that allows viewers to experience the energy inside the BJC. As signified by their name, they livestream the entire 46 hours of the dance marathon. The team prepares throughout the year and works closely with WPSU to produce the livestream, which is accessible on the THON website during THON Weekend at

Originally, the organization began as a communications class, Advanced Live Production. However, after the class was no longer offered, students wanted to continue producing the livestream for THON and created 46LIVE, which the Bellisario College agreed to support. The organization consists of an adviser, Bill Hallman, executive producers, a senior production team and five groups of specialized members who maintain different aspects of the livestream.  

Credited to 46LIVE

To keep up with 46LIVE, visit their social media at: 

Twitter: @FortySixLIVE 

Instagram: @fortysixlive 

Facebook: @46LIVE 

And remember to check out THON’s website during THON Weekend to keep with all 46 hours!