100 Days ‘Til THON™ Committee Fundraising

Written by Sarah Neely, Emily Galiano, and Taylor McCaffrey As part of our 100 Days ‘Til THON™ celebration, a total reveal, similar to the famous reveal at the end of

Organization Spotlight: Trilogy at Penn State

Written by Anirudh Ganesan, Kaitlyn Casciato, and Sydney Breitkreutz Trilogy at Penn State is a group that is dedicated to supporting THON™ and bringing about real change. As a Special

THON™ Season of Giving

As 2023 winds down, we enter one of the most generous times of the year. The THON™ Season of Giving begins on the 18th of December and runs until the

Behind the Scenes at the THON™ Store

Written by: Kelsea Harshbarger, Evan Halfen, & Allison McKnight THON™ has countless inspiring endeavors, including operating the THON Store that is located inside the HUB-Robeson Center. Open each weekday from

THON™ Kids Mail Night

Written by: Liviah Yudt, Kirsten Gerhart, & Sarah Preston Kids Mail Night is an event where THON™ Volunteers come together to write uplifting messages to send to Four Diamonds families.

PCT Runs Philly for THON™

Written by: Eva Patt, Malie Dell’Orco & Emma Hambrecht Many organizations have their fair share of fundraisers and efforts that they take part in during the year to raise money

Hospitality Director Spotlight

Written by Allison McCarty, Abby Burton, and Morgan Coccodrilli During THON™ Weekend and various other THON events throughout the year, there is no question about the difficulty of providing food

Why dance in THON™? 

Written by Esther Gershenson, Matt Theirer, and Taylor McCaffrey As you know, to culminate a year-long effort of fundraising For The Kids®, Penn State students and Four Diamonds families join

First-Year Committee Applications Open November 20

Are you a first-year student interested in getting involved with THON™? Even if you missed the Committee Member application deadline in September, you can still get involved by applying to

Organization of the Month: Kappa Alpha Theta

Kappa Alpha Theta, Beta Phi Chapter, has over 200 members connected to pushing the mission of THON™. Theta’s members continue to show their love and dedication by fundraising through DonorDrive,

THON™ Volunteer Gratitude

Written by: Lucy Pearce, Kaitlyn Nguyen, & Laurel Donley In preparation for THON™ Weekend, student volunteers show their commitment to THON’s mission to spread awareness, raise funds, and support childhood

Organization Spotlight: Axis Benefiting THON™

Written by: Claire Nguyen, Shawyon Poursaba, & Colin Cross Axis Benefiting THON™, established in 2011, is one of the Special Interest Organizations (SIOs) at Penn State. Its mission is to

New Generations Continue the Fight Against Childhood Cancer 

Written by Allison Brady, Ella Cressler, and Nick King Since the first THON™ in 1973, there have been thousands of students who have danced in the 46-hour dance marathon. Recently,

Dream Forward Campaign Recap

Written by Dana Russell and Lily Persio It is that time again! With the arrival of Fall comes cooler air, beautiful foliage, the best fashion season of the year, and

THON™ Volunteers Share Their Favorite Dream Forward Events

Written by Ryan Murphy, Olivia Salupo, and Keona Montague Between the dates of October 23rd and November 8th, The Dream Forward Campaign serves as one of the biggest fundraising events for

The Dream Forward Campaign

Written by Téa Griffith, Kayla Lebby, and Barbara Price During the annual Dream Forward Campaign, which started this year on October 23rd and will last until November 8th, the THON™

THON™ Family Carnival

The THON™ Family Carnival is an eagerly awaited pre-THON event where Four Diamonds families, organizations, and volunteers interact and play games to build excitement for THON Weekend. The theme for

THON™ 5K powered by PNC: Runner Point of View

Written by: Erin Duffy, Katherine McLaughlin, & Kassidy Borger Public Relations Committee Member Erin Duffy ran the THON™ 5K powered by PNC on October 22. She filmed her experience as

Vibe Coffee Supports THON™ Dream Forward Campaign

Written by: Sydney Waldner, Olivia Fisher & Elizabeth Watson On Thursday, October 26th, Vibe Coffee, a coffee shop located in downtown State College, held a fundraiser with all proceeds going

2023 Dream Forward Campaign Guide

Written by: Megan Pauley, Samantha Matushek, & Jordan Brown From October 23 to November 8, join the THON™ Community in supporting the Dream Forward Campaign! During his time, THON has

THON™ 5K powered by PNC: Director/Captain Spotlight

Written by: Emily Galiano, Cecily Battaglia & Angela Ramirez Every year the Penn State community comes together to fight against childhood cancer. One of the events that kickstarts this endeavor

THON™ Bracelet Making Initiative

Written by: Bella Lennon, Paige Moore, & Sarah Neely This year at the THON™ 5K powered by PNC, a new initiative made its debut. Inspired by Taylor Swift’s Eras tour,

THON™ 5K powered by PNC: Concessions Review

Written by: Dana Reed Each year, THON™ volunteers work together to put on the THON 5K powered by PNC. It is one of the first events of the year where THON

Eyes on the Ground: THON™ 5K powered by PNC

This past weekend the annual THON™ 5K powered by PNC got started outside of The Bryce Jordan Center. Each year, beginning in 2002, THON holds the 3.1 mile race to

Fundraising Organization Spotlight – Penn State Fayette

Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, plays a vital role throughout the yearlong THONTM fundraising campaign. With unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, students and faculty from Penn State Fayette consistently make

THON™ September Organization Spotlight – Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus, the online learning platform of Pennsylvania State University, is not only dedicated to providing flexible and high-quality education but also shares a deep connection to THON™,

Awareness Committees

Awareness committees work to spread the mission of THONTM as far as it can go. There are positions for committee members available on the Public Relations, Communications, Entertainment, and Special

Production and Photography Committees

If you have a passion for creating media in the form of either photography and videography, the PR Production and Photography Committees are looking for people just like you! The

Fundraising Committees

The Fundraising Preference Group consists of Finance, Merchandise, and Donor & Alumni Relations Committees. The mission of these committees is to ensure that THON™ is continuously able to provide financial support

From THON™ to Forever

To most students starting their THON™ journey this year, THON Weekend 2016 took place before they had even entered high school. This may seem crazy to think about, but for

Facilitation Committees

The Facilitation Preference group consists of OPPerations, Dancer Relations, Hospitality, and Rules & Regulations. These committees will carry out responsibilities, during pre-THON™ Weekend events and during THON Weekend, that will

IDC Spotlight- Maddie Lucidi

Written February 1st, 2023   Written by Ashley Balderson and Stephen Holtzman Each year, THON™ gives students the opportunity to enter a lottery for the chance to be picked to dance. Independent

Organization Spotlight- Vole Dance Company

Written By: Grace Rymdeika and Rachel Padnis Written on: February 1st, 2023 Vole is the largest dance organization at Penn State with over two-hundred members. It is a Co-Ed all-inclusive

THON Weekend 101: 6 Things to Know Before THON Weekend

Written by: Sophia Vicenzino and Jasmin Modricker Written February 1st, 2023 THON Weekend is less than a month away and here are few things you need to know about before

Organization Spotlight- Phi Epsilon Kappa

Written by: Maggie Waters and Isabella Lennon Written on: February 1st, 2023 Phi Epsilon Kappa is a professional Pre-Health honors fraternity, whose purpose is to, “bring together people who are

Tips for THON Weekend

Written by: Shae Bagrosky and Taylor Horrell  Written February 1st, 2023 THON Weekend is fast approaching! Here are a few essentials and tips to know before the weekend get here: 

THON Weekend Food Review

Written by: Amanda Klemick and Ella Rubenstein Written: February 1st, 2023 With THON Weekend right around the corner, things are really beginning to pick up and everyone is preparing to

THON Weekend 2023- Slides of Strength

Written by: Ella Rubenstein With the end of THON Weekend approaching, dancers may be feeling tired and may need a pick me up to finish their weekend strong. Slide of

A THON Weekend in my Life- Promotions Committee Member

By: Eva Patt and Emma Dalrymple THON™ Weekend 2023 is finally here! My name is Emma, and I am going to take you through THON Weekend as Promotions Committee Member

THON Weekend 2023 Org Spotlight – Club Cross Country

Written By: Paige Balliet and Anna Janaszek Club Cross Country is a running club on campus open for everyone to join. This year Club Cross Country Benefiting THON has 6

THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Brendan Koken, Men’s Club Basketball

Written By: Mia Harrison and Mike DeMarshall Brendan Koken is a 4th year player on the Men’s Club Basketball team. For this year’s THON, Brendan was chosen to be a

THON Weekend 2023 IDC Spotlight – The Nittany Lion and Mic Man

Written By: Lucas Manion and Georgia Curtis As THON Weekend 2023 kicks off, let’s see what IDC Nico Marsh (aka The Mic Man) and Michael McDermott (The Nittany Lion) have

THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight- Lauren Nedrow, Fayette

Written By: Kassidy Borger and Martina Cornacchia Lauren Nedrow is a dancer this year in THON™ 2023. It is her first year participating in THON. She is a part of

THON Weekend Organization Spotlight – Phi Chi Theta

Written By: Katelyn Weller and Erica Smith As much as dancers can prepare for THON Weekend, there are some things that are unexpected and surprising.   To learn more about the

THON Weekend 2023 Line Dance First Impressions

Written By: Katelyn Weller and Erica Smith Every year the Dancer Relations captains create a Line Dance. The Line Dance is performed sporadically throughout THON Weekend and is utilized as

Best THON Weekend 2023 Greek Signs

Written By: Mia Harrison and Mike DeMarshall THON Weekend 2023, in typical THON™ fashion, was a spectacle of great music, colors, and performances with no shortage of creativity. When looking

THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Molly Saltzman, Penn State Lionettes Dance Team

Written By: Lucy Pearce and Leoni Siribandu THON Weekend is finally here! As the Bryce Jordan Center fills up with dancers, Four Diamonds families, student volunteers, and various organizations, we

Best Costumes of THON Weekend 2023

Written By: Keona Montague Throughout THON Weekend 2023, many organizations, fraternities and sororities, and clubs come together to support their dancers. One way they do this is by dressing up

THON Weekend 2023 Hour 6 Dancer Check-In

Written By: Lucas Manion and Georgia Curtis At hour 6, THON Weekend is going in full swing. The dancers have been standing for 6 hours thus far, so let’s take

THON Weekend 2023 IDC Spotlight – Mary Meyer and Ava Matarese

Written By: Evan Halfen and Tara Sbordone Dancers Mary Meyer and Ava Matarese, both juniors dancing in THON™ Weekend this year, have a special connection to THON’s mission. Both dancers

THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Katherine Kuhn, Alpha Omicron Pi

Written By: Brooke Richetelli and Mary Marzula We had the opportunity to talk to an organization dancer from Alpha Omicron Pi, Katherine Kuhn, who is partnered with Phi Kappa Psi,

Dancer’s Favorite Meals During THON Weekend 2023

Written By: Brooke Richetelli and Mary Marzula We had the chance to talk to some of the dancers at this year’s THON™ Weekend. We asked what their favorite meal has

THON Weekend 2023 Event Spotlight – Kid’s Talent Show

Written By: Sarah Strent, Bayla Plower, and Colin Cross Julia Finkel, FR Family Events Coordinator Captain:  As Family Events Coordinator for Family Relations, the Kids Talent Show was one of

THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Emma Scattergood, AXIS

Written By: Sarah Strent, Bayla Plower, and Colin Cross “I am dancing for a Special Interest organization called AXIS. I am honored to represent this organization as this year’s President!”

THON™ Organization Spotlight – Penn State SAAB

Written By: Evan Halfen and Tara Sbordone With THON™ Weekend 2023 quickly approaching, we are excited to spotlight the organization Penn State Student Athlete Advisory Board. The organization’s THON™ Chair,

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Tim Nevil

Written By: Mia Harrison and Mike DeMarshall Tim Nevil serves as the Admin/Timeline Coordinator Captain on Supply Logistics. Tim has been super involved within THON™ as he has held multiple

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Megan McKeon

Written By: Lucy Pearce and Leoni Siribandu As THON Weekend 2023 approaches, we are excited to spotlight THON™ volunteers who are spreading the mission of THON and preparing for the

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Julia Jablonski

Written By: Paige Balliet and Anna Janaszek What is your name and major?  My name is Julia Jablonski and I am a computer science major.  What committee are you a

THON™ Store Spotlight

Written By: Lucas Manion and Georgia Curtis Purchasing an item from the THON™ Store is a great way to show your year-long support for THON™ and its efforts. In fact,

IDC Spotlight – Nittany Lion and Mic Man

Written By: Erica Smith and Katelyn Weller On November 26th 2022, Mike McDermott revealed himself as the Nittany Lion during the last home football game of the 2022 season. However,

THON™ Alumni Spotlight – Gianna Corpora and Terri Lynne

Written By: Roman Sciote and Keona Montague This month we got the chance to interview THON™ alumni Gianna Corpora and Terri Lynne.  Gianna was an active member of THON through

THON™ Organization Spotlight – ATO X ZETA

Written By: Bayla Plower, Colin Cross, and Sarah Strent ZETA- Chloe Butler:  My name is Chloe Butler and I am a senior public relations student.  I am the ZTA Alternative

THON™ Organization Spotlight – Volé

Written By: Brooke Richetelli and Mary Marzula As THON Weekend approaches, many organizations are preparing for the weekend’s festivities. Hanna Ostrosky, THON Chair for Volé, a dance organization at Penn

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Julia Sultana

Written By: Keona Montague and Roman Sciote THON™ would not be possible without the many captains, student volunteers, alumni and many other individuals. For this blog we are highlighting the Public

THON + Gated Partnership

Gated is a free, simple solution to reduce noise in your email inbox + support THON.  When you get started with Gated, unknown senders will have to donate a small amount

THON™ Men’s Basketball Game – January 29, 2023

The annual THON Men’s Basketball game is tipping-off on Sunday, January 29th at 12 p.m. against Michigan. Known as THOOPS, the event is a great way to support Penn State Basketball,

The THON™ Showcase 2023 Presented by KCF Technologies

Each year, the THON™ joins together with the arts community for the THON Showcase Presented by KCF Technologies. Occurring this year on Sunday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m., this event is unique

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Grace Sibley

Written By: Ava DiGiacomo and Madelyn Harnish In order to make THON™ possible, much of the success is attributed to the donors. The Donor and Alumni Committee (DAR) is responsible

Through the Eyes of a Dancer

Written by: Carissa Alers and Eva Patt We all know and love THON™, a yearlong effort that culminates into Penn State’s 46-hour dance marathon where students take part in a

THON Weekend 2023 COVID-19 Safety Protocols

To protect the health of our Four Diamonds families and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and all respiratory viruses, we urge individuals not to attend THON Weekend if they have

Organization Spotlight- Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha

Written by: Taylor Horrell and Maggie Blewitt Org Spotlight: Alpha Xi Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha  Alpha Xi Delta and their paired fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha, are both Greek organizations

THON™ Organization Spotlight – Everyday Benefitting THON

Written By: Evan Halfen and Tara Sbordone As THON Weekend 2023 weekend quickly approaches, we are excited to spotlight some organizations that help fundraise FTK! This spotlight focuses on the

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Nicole DiNaro

Written By: Mary Marzula and Brooke Richetelli I am a Digital Marketing Captain on Public Relations. 2. Are you a first-year captain? Do you have committee members? If so, what

THON™ Captain Spotlight- Alexis Coyle

Written By: Shae Bagrosky and Ronnie Geiger Alexis Coyle is part of the THON™ 2023 Public Relations Committee, specifically as a graphic design captain. This is her second year as

How to Fundraise for THON™ over Winter Break

Written By: Maggie Waters and Emma Saltzman Even if you’re not in State College over fall and winter break, there are still so many ways that you can support THON™

Celebrating 100 Days ’til THON™

Written By: Jasmin Modricker and Amanda Klemick On November 9th, hundreds of students gathered in the HUB from 11AM to 3PM to celebrate 100 Days ‘til THON. Students eagerly participated

THON™ Captain Spotlight- James Perry

Written By: Grace Rymdeika and Anthony Savona James Perry is a Special Events(SE) captain for THON™ History. He is currently in a master’s program at Penn State and will graduate

What THON™ Activity are you?

Written by: Emma Dalrymple and Sophia Vicenzino THON is a year wide fundraising mission For the Kids, that comprises numerous events for students, alumni, and families to all take part

What Inspires Students to THON™

Written by: Stephen Holtzman and Cameron Berger THON™ is a cause that inspires students to come together to help make a difference and raise money to emotionally and financially support

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Katelyn Ellery

Written By: Paige Balliet and Anna Janaszek My name is Katelyn Ellery and I am a senior majoring in advertising with a minor in psychology.  2. What committee are you

THON Alumni Spotlight – Taylor Milano

Written by: Lucas Manion and Georgia Curtis Before she became a Digital Campaign Manager at The New York Times, Taylor Milano was a dedicated THON™ volunteer and even danced at

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Rhia Martin

 Written by: Bayla Plower and Sarah Strent I am a captain for the Family Relations Committee. The goal of our committee is to work with Four Diamonds families and provide

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Daniel Hadar

Written by: Michael DeMarshall and Mia Harrison  Daniel Hadar is a first-year captain of THON™’s Photography committee. Daniel leads a group of 20 passionate committee members (CMs) and they chose

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Axel Kalbach

Written by: Colin Cross Axel Kalbach is a Special Projects Captain on THON™’s Technology Committee. Axel is from Royersford, PA, which is right outside of King of Prussia. He is

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Clayton Geisel

Written by: Leoni Siribandu and Lucy Pearce As THON™ Weekend 2023 approaches, we are excited to spotlight some committee captains that help fundraise For The Kids®! This spotlight is going

100 Days ‘Til THON™ Hair Donation

By Katelyn Weller and Erica Smith The 100 Days ‘Til THON™ event succeeds the end of THON’s two-week long effort, the Dream Forward Campaign. The event took place in the

The THON™ 2023 Logo Reveal

This year’s THON™ 2023 logo is…  The tradition of revealing the THON Weekend Logo is done during the Family Carnival event, surrounded by inspired and excited members of the THON

THON™ Remembrance Tree Candlelight Vigil

The THON™ Community came together to remember all of those who we remember in our hearts at the first annual THON Remembrance Tree Candlelight Vigil. The event took place on

Season of Giving: Our Volunteers

Even though 2022 is coming to a close, THON’s mission endures. Join us through the end of 2022 in THON’s Season of Giving, as we continue to support our children

Dancer Spotlight: Tucker Haas

Written By: Ashley Balderson and Isabella Lennon The story of a young man named Tucker Haas is one that carries great importance at Penn State. Tucker Haas is currently a

Thank you Green Paper Products!

THON™ would like to thank Green Paper Products for their thoughtful donation of compostable tableware for THON Events. THON is always looking for ways to become more sustainable, and using

December 2022 Alumni Newsletter

Hershey Holiday Toy Drive Spread joy this holiday season with the Hershey Holiday Toy Drive!  We are collecting toys to bring to Penn State Health Children’s Hospital in Hershey to brighten

First-Year Committee Applications are Open!

Are you a first-year Penn State student that is interested in furthering your involvement with THON™? Well, you are in luck! If you missed the deadline in September, don’t worry

THON™ Week of Gratitude

The week of November 13th marked THON’s annual Week of Gratitude where we recognized those in our THON community that have continuously worked to help support the Four Diamonds children and

THON™ Organization Spotlight – Sigma Sigma Sigma x Alpha Gamma Rho

Written By: Evan Halfen and Tara Sbordone Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, also known as Tri Sigma, has become an integral part of THON™’s fundraising efforts over the past years. The

Introducing BMES Benefiting THON™

Written by: Jasmin Modricker and Cameron Berger One of the newest THON™ organizations this school year is BMES Benefitting THON which is part of the Biomedical Engineering Society at Penn

Fundraising with Pie-brations!

Written by: Amanda Klemick and Maggie Blewitt Throughout the school year, we have encountered multiple different types of THON fundraisers ranging from bake sales to dunk tanks. However, one fundraiser,

Greek Organizations Benefiting THON™

Written by: Stephen Holtzman and Sophia Vicenzino With the Dream Forward Campaign underway and 100 Days ‘Till THON right around the corner, Greek Organizations all around campus are ramping up

THON 5k Powered by PNC and its Participants

Written by: Eva Patt and Magdalena Waters THON 2022 5k continued its tradition of being one of the largest 5k races in Central Pennsylvania, with thousands more participants around the

A Look at the THON™ Dream Forward Campaign

Written by: Taylor Horrell and Emma Dalrymple These past two weeks have marked the fourth annual Dream Forward Campaign! We joined together in fundraising For the Kids® over the course of

THON™ Captain Spotlight- Martha McElligott

Written by: Isabella Lennon and Shaelyn Bagrosky “Making wishes come true” a motto that inspires Entertainment captain Martha McElligott daily. Even though Martha was not a captain for THON™ 2022,

2000 Degrees Benefiting THON™

Written by: Rachel Padnis and Kassidy Borger THON’s fourth annual Dream Forward Campaign lasted from October 24-November 9th, with the goal of raising $700,000 in this two-week span. We were

THON 5k Powered by PNC- Runner Spotlights: Tyler and Maria

Written by: Emma Saltzman and Ronald Geiger The THON 5k brings thousands to State College every year to kick off the annual series of events. The 2022 5k took place

THON™ Captain Spotlight- Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Martina Cornacchia and Anthony Savona One of the most important pieces of the THON™ puzzle is our captains. They play a vital role by either leading and educating

Boosting your DonorDrive

By Carissa Alers and Ashley Balderson THON™ is not too far away and it is time to start fundraising. There are several ways to raise money, with the sole online

THON™ Captain Spotlight- Frankie Riehl

Written By: Ella Rubenstein and Grace Rymdeika Frankie Riehl is a third year Biobehavioral Health major from Springfield, PA. He is the current Photography co-captain on Public Relations alongside Daniel

The Joy Expressed By Being in the Annual THON 5K powered by PNC Bank

Written By: Michael DeMarshall and Mia Harrison  The THON 5K powered by PNC Bank, year after year, never fails to disappoint. What started out as a gloomy Sunday, quickly became

A Day at the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank

Written By: Georgia Curtis and Lucas Manion  On October 16th, the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank took place. This year, runners of the race were able to participate either

THON™ 5K powered by PNC Bank Captains Spotlight – Nini Brown and Connor Patzuc

Written By: Paige Balliet and Anna Janaszek What committee are you captains for?  Connor: I am the Medical Supplies Liaison for Supply Logistics.   Nini: I am the Administrative Assistant on

THON™ Committee Spotlight – Rules and Regulation

Written By: Erica Smith and Katelyn Weller  The Rules and Regulations Committee is an integral part of THON™’s success. The committee is composed of 40 captains and over 700 committee

THON™ Captain Spotlight – Jacob Santos

Written By: Sarah Strent and Bayla Plower 1. What committee are you a Captain for?   I am a Crowd Entertainment (Digital Engagement) Captain for the Entertainment Committee! 2. Can you

THON™ Committee Spotlight – Hospitality

Written By: Lucy Pearce + Leoni Siribandu As THON Weekend 2023 approaches we are excited to spotlight some committees that help fundraise For The Kids®! This spotlight is going to

Our Experience at the THON 5K powered by PNC Bank

Written By: Roman Sciote and Keona Montague On October 16, 2022, THON held their 5K powered by PNC Bank. Many volunteers, families and students were at the event, whether it

Captains Supporting Captains

Written By: Brooke Richetelli and Mary Marzula On October 16th, hundreds of volunteers, captains, and committee members participated in the THON™ 5K powered by PNC. The purpose of this event

THON™ Committee Spotlight – OPPerations

Written By: Ava DiGiacomo and Madelyn Harnish Known as the first to arrive and the last to leave, the OPPerations Committee (OPP) is an integral part of THON Weekend. The

Dream Forward: Lacey Bomboy

Lacey Bomboy is a current THON child who is paired with the Singing Lions. Lacey loves to sing, so the pairing was perfect for this 12-year-old star.  Lacey even got

Dream Forward: Noah McCampbell

Noah McCampbell is a THON Teen who is exited to be paired with Penn State’s math club. “Noah’s relationship to the Math Club is special because of one of its

Dream Forward: Julia O’Toole

In July of 2019, the O’Toole family scheduled appointments at their local dentist and oral surgeon for their daughter Julia, who had been experiencing jaw pain. While there was no

LinkedIn Education Week


Dream Forward Campaign

  The THON Community has persisted relentlessly in our effort to fight childhood cancer since 1973. Through our support of Four Diamonds, we have ensured that over 4,800 families have

Committees without CMs

Some of THON’s Committees only contain captains. These committees are made up of highly talented, dedicated individuals whose specialized skills allow THON to flourish. Committees without CMs include Technology, Supply

Photography and Production Committes

The Public Relations Photography and Production Preference Group consists of Photography and Production Committees. These committees help to capture and create content for THON and require a portfolio to apply.  

Fundraising Committees

The Fundraising Preference Group consists of the Finance, Merchandise, and Donor & Alumni Relations Committees. These committees help with THON’s fundraising efforts to ensure that THON can provide financial support

Facilitation Committees

The Facilitation Preference Group consists of OPPerations, Dancer Relations, Hospitality and Rules & Regulations. These committees help to carry out responsibilities for THON Weekend and pre-THON Weekend events.   OPPerations –

Awareness Committees

The Awareness Preference Group consists of Public Relations Promotions, Communications, Entertainment, and Special Events Committees. These committees help to spread awareness of THON’s mission to others.   Public Relations Promotions –

Committee Member Applications are Open!

It is officially Committee Member application season! Applications for the THON™ 2023 year are currently open now until 5:00 pm on Thursday September 15th, 2022 on Such an exciting

Lilly Pulitzer Fundraiser

Want to raise money For The Kids and refresh your wardrobe at the same time? On Saturday, September 24th, shop at Lilly Pulitzer! Between 10am-9pm, 10% of all in-store and

THON™ Giving Society

Each year, THON is honored to appreciate individuals who demonstrate exceptional support for its cause. These donors are recognized through the Giving Society, which offers unique benefits throughout the year

Kicking off “Ignite the Fight”

“Ignite the Fight” is our annual fundraising and awareness campaign that takes place every year on July 1st.  With the opening of the THON™ 2023 fundraising window, we want to celebrate

A Farewell Letter to the Class of 2022

The class of 2022; a class that has seen the progression of Penn State unlike any other as they lived and attended school during the evolution of a global pandemic.

Ignite the Fight: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Today, July 1st, 2022, marks the beginning of the THON™ 2023 fundraising year and the start of the annual “Ignite the Fight” campaign. With the opening of the THON 2023

Ignite the Fight: Important Links and Resources

DonorDrive_Best_Practices_2023-1Download DonorDrive_App_One-Sheeter-1Download THON-Nation-Fundraising-IdeasDownload THON-Nation-Fundraising-Ideas-1Download Alternative_Fundraiser_GuideDownload

March 2022 Alumni Newsletter

Thank You Recap Video Impact Numbers  Thanks to gracious donors like you, we were able to raise $13, 756, 374.50! That equates to…. •1429 hours of music therapy •5000 hours of nutritional

Organization Spotlight: Science LionPride

Science LionPride is an ambassador program for Eberly College of Science. The members give tours to prospective students, speak at Accepted Students Programs, and attend alumni and career events with

THON Weekend 2022 FAQs

Will I need to get tested if I am vaccinated against COVID-19 and a general THON spectator? No, if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (2 weeks from the final dose

THON Weekend COVID-19 Safety Protocols

As COVID-19 continues to be prevalent in our community, THON has continued to take measures to ensure the safety of all families, dancers, spectators, and volunteers who will join us

Communicating at Scale: Technology as the Backbone of THON

How does the largest student-run philanthropy in the world communicate information among their volunteer base? Effectively sharing documents, messages, and files among 16,500 students is no easy task. THON is

February 2022 Alumni Newsletter

Alumni Matching Day On February 3rd, there will be an Alumni Matching Day. Every fourth alumni donation up to $100 will be matched 1:1 until $7500 crediting funds are exhausted.

IDC Feature: Kallen Mitchell and Jenna Cikowski

Kallen Mitchell and Jenna Cikowski met as Dancer Relations Committee Members during their first year at Penn State, which kickstarted their THON involvement. Now, they are an Independent Dancer Couple

Organization Spotlight: Eclipse

Eclipse is a Special Interest Organization devoted to fundraising for THON and supporting families. While the organization’s main focus is centered around THON-related efforts, they also create an incredible member experience through

Dancer Feature: Giulia Dini

Above: Giulia Dini with the mom of AOII’s paired THON family Giulia Dini is a senior Marketing student at Penn State, and this year she is representing her sorority Alpha

Diamond Guide Crossword Puzzle Answers

Good job filling in your crossword puzzle! Check to see how many you answered correctly: Across: 4. Students 5. FourDiamonds 9. Awareness 10. NittanyLion 12. Dancer 13. PepRally Down: Philanthropy

Dynamic Events Forged Relationship of Four Diamonds Fund and THON

The following piece was written by Kerry Royer, a previous Four Diamonds Advisory Board Member, at the time of Four Diamonds’ 40th anniversary in 2012. “It was love at first

Dancer Feature: Lily Reynolds

Above: Lily Reynolds (left) at THON™ 2020 Lily Reynolds has been heavily involved in THON throughout her entire college career, and now she is excited to dance THON 2022! Since Lily will

January 2022 Alumni Newsletter

Extra Supplies Supply Logistics is beginning a new initiative this year to collect items that are commonly used during THON Weekend but you may not need them anymore. These will

End of Year Stewardship Guide

Use this guide to steward your donors as the year comes to a close!

Corporate Packet

Click here for THON’s Corporate Packet.

December 2021 Alumni Newsletter

Uniting the Community in the Spirit of Commemoration We are hoping that you would consider sharing your artifacts to be reunited with THON and sheltered in our Time Capsule until the 100th THON

Giving Tuesday Toolkit

Click here for a toolkit to help you in your Giving Tuesday fundraising.

Organization Spotlight: Atlas

Atlas is one of the biggest Special Interest Organizations at Penn State, devoting countless hours to raising tens (or sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars each year for THON. The

Organization Spotlight: A-7

For students who want to be part of a close-knit group that cares deeply about THON, A-7 is a great organization to join. A-7 is one of THON’s awesome Special Interest Organizations, meaning

Dream Forward: Daniel, Marget, and Avery’s Dream

When Daniel Testa was a baby, he was diagnosed with childhood cancer. During Daniel’s stay at Penn State Health Children’s Hospital, his family learned about Four Diamonds and THON, and

November 2021 Alumni Newsletter

Uniting the Community in the Spirit of Commemoration In commemoration of the 50th THON, a project is underway to collect and store tangible THON artifacts in a time capsule to be unveiled during the 100th THON.

THON Legacy: The Cinker Family

During THON Weekend 1991, a Penn State cheerleader named Dawn volunteered to help the dancers stretch. At four in the morning on Sunday, a mutual friend introduced her to Mike Cinker, a dancer from Sigma Pi. Who would have guessed that this chance

Dream Forward: Hailey, Jacob, and Katie’s Dream

Hailey Dougherty was at a sporting practice in February 2020 when she suddenly became concerningly exhausted. Soon afterwards, doctors found carcinogens in her blood, and she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Over a year later,

Dream Forward: Shiloh, Caroline, and Cris’s dream

Shiloh Crimmel is an energetic four-year-old girl who loves to play sports outside with her big sister, Harper. When Shiloh was two, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Upon starting treatment at Penn State Health Children’s

THON Weekend 2022

After careful consideration with health experts at Penn State University and Penn State Health Children’s Hospital (PSHCH), and in consultation with University leadership, THON intends to hold THON Weekend 2022 in person,

Message of Support for LGBTQ+ Community

Message of Support - LGBT Community 10.26.21Download

Dream Forward Campaign Toolkit

The following toolkit is provided to aid organizations, Independent Dancer Couples, and committees in their fundraisng and awareness efforts during Dream Forward 2021, from October 25-November 10, 2021. Please contact

Supply Logistics

Supply Logistic (SL) If you have strong organizational skills and want to learn about how each committee acquires the material needed for THON Weekend, you might enjoy working on the Supply Logistics Committee!  Supply Logistics is responsible


Technology (TECH) If you’re looking for a positive outlet to utilize your skills with coding and technology development, please consider joining THON’s Technology Committee! The Technology Committee maintains and develops THON’s

Family Relations

Family Relations (FR) At THON, all that we do is For The Kids™. If you want to in get right to the heart of that motto, Family Relations might be the place for you. The mission of

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) Do you have strong skills in writing, design, journalism, or photography? If you do, the Public Relations Committee could use your talent! The main responsibility of the Public Relations


Merchandise (MERCH) If you’ve ever stopped by the THON Store, then you’ve probably fought the urge to blow your budget on the best THON gear. To learn about the behind-the-scenes creation and distribution of these awesome

Donor and Alumni Relations Alumni Engagement

Donor and Alumni Relations Alumni Engagement (DAR AE)  Penn State has one of the largest alumni networks in the world. If you’re one of the many students who viewed that network as a

Donor and Alumni Relations Development

Donor and Alumni Relations Development (DAR DEV) In Development, networking and fundraising is the name of the game. To be a part of this committee, you’ll need to have strong social and organizational skills. The mission of the Development Committee


Finance (FIN) THON is proud to donate 91 cents out of every dollar directly to the cause, but the remaining 9 cents still needs to be managed efficiently and effectively

Rules & Regulation: Fundraising Safety

Rules & Regulation: Fundraising Safety (R&R FS) Fundraising is an incredibly integral aspect of THON, and the safety of all volunteers is a top priority. For this reason, the Rules and

Rules & Regulation Event Safety

Rules & Regulation: Event Safety (R&R ES) If you want to learn more about how THON is kept safe and well-coordinated, you might be interested in the Rules and Regulations Event Safety Committee. The Rules

Dancer Relations

Dancer Relations (DR) Those who want to learn more about what it takes to dance at THON Weekend and support our dancers, you should join the Dancer Relations Committee. Dancer Relations works throughout


Hospitality (HOS) In the Hospitality Committee, everyone is all about food, and who doesn’t love to eat? The Hospitality Committee is responsible for serving dancer meals, restocking fridges and working concessions


Operations (OPP) Anyone with strong organizational skills and an interest in logistical planning can be a perfect fit for the OPPerations Committee. OPPerations main responsibility throughout the year is collaborating with other

Special Events

Special Events (SE) If you love to host and coordinate events, the Special Events Committee might be the place for you! The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning a wide variety of events that


Entertainment (ENT) The Entertainment Committee is a great fit for creative individuals who want to facilitate the behind-the-scenes of THON Weekend’s shows and events. Entertainment’s main responsibility is to work behind the


Communications (COMM) Individuals who can relay essential information to many diverse groups at once may want to consider joining the Communications Committee. Communications serves as the liaison to all THON Volunteers and focuses on educating and empowering the Penn State community to

THON Committee Member Application Information

Frequently Asked QuestionsDownload Preference Group InformationDownload

THON™ 5K powered by PNC

It’s time to get a running start on the THON fundraising year! The 2021 THON 5K is on October 10th, 2021, and registration is live!  2021 marks the 21st annual THON 5K powered by PNC. All proceeds from the event directly benefit Four Diamonds.  This year’s 5K promises a return

THON Nation Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraiser Ideas Click the resource above to help brainstorm and plan for your next THON Nation fundraiser!

THON 2022 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Action Plan and Impact Report

In the summer of 2020, THON developed its first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan to outline its future plans and intended actions in the hopes of making THON as

THON 2022 Alumni Guide

2022 Alumni Guide Click the resource above to explore the variety of ways alumni can stay involved in the fight after graduation!

THON Nation Event Resources

THON Nation Event Resources This site includes all necessary resources to help you host a successful THON Nation Fundraiser! Please contact with any questions. This document lays out the

Dancer Spotlight: Eleanor Smith and Lincoln Weinstock

This dancer pair may have some experience dancing in THON but for sure neither of them danced in a virtual THON before. In this dancer spotlight we interviewed Eleanor Smith

Organization Spotlight: Arnold Air Society

Straight from their THON theme decorated apartments in State College, we interviewed the dancer couple Olivia Simmerman and Grace Kimzey. It’s Olivia and grace’s first time dancing in THON, this

Organization Spotlight: Alpha Phi Omega

Even with the THON this year being virtual The wonderful students of Penn State are still fighting For The Kids! From Alpha Phi Omega this year we have Mats Jonsson

Dancer Spotlight: Rachel Deveney

Rachel Deveney is one of the four dancers from the Society of Women Engineers dancing this THON weekend, originally from Mechanicsburg, PA this is her first-time dancing at THON. She

Organization Spotlight: Public Relations Student Society of America

With all of the challenges this year brought, the THON community continued to persevere and encompass this year’s theme: Rise and Unify. Even though they might be dancing virtually from

Organization Spotlight: Alpha Omicron Pi

Among the 592 dancers for THON 2021 exists the amazing duo of Marissa Stoller and Chloe Myers. The pair is dancing on behalf of their sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. This

Dancer Spotlight: Jenna DiNapoli

This year in THON 2021 the Emergency Medical Services Association makes their first dancing appearance. Jenna DiNapoli, a senior involved in EMSA, explains that their organization initially did not think

Dancer Spotlight: Drew Rothka

When it comes to enthusiasm for THON 2021, nobody is more excited to dance FTK than Drew Rothka. Raised outside of Scranton, PA, Drew decided to go to Penn State

Dancer Spotlight: Caitlin Brennan

This year’s THON is definitely different from the THONs of our past. However, Caitlin Brennan, a senior dancing for Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega, stays both motivated and

Dancer Spotlight: Emily Irvin and Matthew Junker

The theme for THON 2021, “Rise and Unify”, is a recognition that we need to move past the current circumstances forced on us by the coronavirus pandemic and unify to

Dancer Spotlight: Andy Mader

Growing up in State College Andy Mader (senior, Finance) decided that the perfect place to dance as an independent dancer couple for THON weekend is at his parent’s home. Andy

Dancer Spotlight: Addison Albert

Addison Albert (senior, Broadcast Journalism) is dancing in THON 2021 representing The Singing Lions and their two angels, Lexi Barnett and Kirra Broadwater. She is originally from outside of Pittsburgh,

Dancer Spotlight: Ian Rafiuddin and Thomas Sotille

Ian Rafiuddin and Thomas Sotille are both seniors and this is their first-time being dancers at THON. They are happy that they got a chance to dance as seniors but

Organization Spotlight: Women in Business

Leah Byman and Susanna Walter are members of Women in Business and this is their first-time dancing at THON. To prepare to be a dancer they started working out and

Organization Spotlight: Volé Dance Club

Carmen DiPippo, Ava Kovaks, and Brielle Blanton are 3 seniors dancing their final THON™ for Volé Dance Club. Carmen is a Journalism major from Washington, D.C, Ava is a Media Studies major

Organization Spotlight: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Seniors Kasey Burke and Sammy Eline are members of Kappa Kappa Gamma and have been participating in THON since their freshman year at Penn State. Both Kasey and Sammy stood

Organization Spotlight: Penn State Marketing Association

Maggie Senft is a sophomore from York, Pennsylvania who is dancing for the Penn State Marketing Association this year. Maggie was on a Dancer Relations committee her freshman year and

Dancer Spotlight: Maria Ellis

Maria Ellis is a senior at Penn State dancing for the Society of Women Engineers. She is from Mountain Top, Pennsylvania. This is Maria’s first time dancing in THON, but

Dancer Spotlight: Theresa Cwenar

Theresa Cwenar is one of the four Senior dancers for CHAARG, originally from Pittsburgh Theresa’s first THON was in 2012 where she watched her older sister dance. She says as

Dancer Spotlight: Amanda Mielnicki

Amanda Mielnicki is a Penn State senior who is dancing in THON this year for her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. This year Alpha Xi Delta’s THON experience looks different than

THON Weekend 2021: Livestream, Fundraising, and More

by Hanna Bernett and Gabby Oglesby During the final minutes of THON 2021, approximately 165,000 screens were tuned into the THON 2021 livestream, dwarfing the Bryce Jordan Center capacity of


by Emma Harmer Communications   Communications Director: Conor Barber  67 Committee Members  Dancer Relations  Dancer Relations Director: Nick Vicidomini  552 Committee Members   Donor & Alumni Relations  Development   DAR Development Director: Aidan Cliff 

Organization Spotlight: Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Beta Phi

By Sadie Bagdasian Every organization and individual at Penn State has their THON story to share. These stories allow us to come together and unite to fight towards a cure

THON Org Spotlight: Penn State Navigators

  This post features a very cool org that I’ve had the privilege to be involved in: The Penn State Navigators. The Navigators are one of Penn State’s bigger Christian

Organization Spotlight: Gamma Sigma Sigma

As an organization centered around service, THON™ is a crucial event for Gamma Sigma Sigma. The sisters of GSS are encouraged to attend FTK® fundraisers at downtown locations such as Playa Bowls, Noodles &

Dancer Spotlight: Kiki Daffam

by Colby Hoffman THON 2021 looks a lot different than past years, as the BJC is no longer the center of all the action. Dancer’s this year had to get

THON™ Traditions 

By Kelly Taylor  THON™ is a Penn State tradition that many students work yearlong to make happen. THON has been around since 1973 and in total has raised over $180 million for the fight against childhood cancer. In

Dancer Spotlight: Ashlyn Wilson

Every year THON draws in thousands of students to participate in the largest student-run philanthropy event, but with that, many have to say goodbye to THON. Ashlyn Wilson, a fifth

Dancer Spotlight: Katelyn Lewis

Everyone joins THON for different reasons, but Katelyn Lewis, a junior from Chester County, PA, has been hearing about it for years. Lewis comes from a family of Penn Staters

Dancer Spotlight: Courtland Corrente

Courtland Corrente (senior, Electrical Engineering) from Johnstown, PA is one of three dancers representing Lion Ambassadors in THON 2021. He is dancing from his house in State College along with

Dancer Spotlight: Bella Devito

Bella Devito is a senior from New Hope, PA, dancing as an Independent Dancer Couple for THON™ 2021. She is double majoring in Math and Secondary Math Education. When she

Dancer Spotlight: Lorna Evans

Lorna Evans is a senior from Hainesport, NJ majoring in Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Lorna is dancing on behalf of the Pre-Vet

Dancer Spotlight: Lexi Hoopes

Lexi Hoopes is one of four THON dancers for the Penn State Cheerleading Team this year. She is from Springfield, Pennsylvania and is a senior here at Penn State. Lexi’s

Dancer Spotlight: Madison McCahan

Madison McCahan is one of four THON dancers for the Penn State Cheerleading Team this year. She is from Breezewood, Pennsylvania and is a senior here at Penn State. Madison

Dancer Spotlight: Erin Bonner

Dancing for Club Women’s Ice Hockey, we had the special chance to talk to Erin Bonner about her THON journey. Erin first involved herself in THON because of her parents.

Dancer Spotlight: Kayla McCauley

Dancing from her apartment in King of Prussia, Kayla McCauley is excited to take on THON 2021. Kayla is proud to be dancing for the College of Earth and Mineral

Dancer Spotlight: Shane Walker

Shane decided to keep tradition and dance his senior for THON 2021. His older sister danced in 2017, and now it is Shane’s turn. To prepare, he talked to those

Dancer Spotlight: Garrett Cwalina

Garret Cwalina is a senior and member of the Professional Golf Management program at Penn State. Garret is dancing in Florida where his golf internship has him located for the

Dancer Spotlight: Kyle Garvey

This weekend Kyle Garvey prepares to take on and dance for THON 2021 for the first time! Along with his seven other fraternity members, they will be dressed in “Up”

THON Org Spotlight: Phi Sigma Rho

by Sonali Nagpal Phi Sigma Rho is a social engineering sorority that works throughout the year to raise money for THON™. This year, sisters of Phi Sigma Rho focused on raising as much money as

THON Logos Throughout the Years

THON 2021 Logo THON 2020 Logo THON 2019 Logo THON 2018 Logo THON 2017 Logo THON 2016 Logo THON 2015 Logo THON 2014 Logo THON 2013 Logo THON 2012 Logo

Behind the Four Diamonds Logo: A Logo is Worth a Thousand Words

By Abby Jarecki   Picture this: it’s THON™ Weekend, you’re exhausted from dancing all day and night, but you look up at the gigantic Four Diamonds logo that illuminates the BJC, and you remember

Organization Spotlight: Delta Sigma Pi

The Penn State Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, a Professional Business Fraternity, has embedded THON’s yearlong effort to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer into their organization. This

Organization Spotlight: Cheerleading

The Penn State community is made up of many clubs and organizations that dedicate their time and effort in order to support THON and the Four Diamonds families. My THON

THON Weekend Committee Parent Presentations

THON Weekend Committee Parent Presentations  THON Captains and Committee Members work hard all year and throughout THON Weekend (February 19-21, 2021), to make strides in the fight against childhood cancer, and we are excited to showcase what

Honoring Our Angel: Joyce

By Maddie Murchake  Joyce was not only Zeta Tau Alpha’s and Alpha Tau Omega’s THON child, but our best friend. Joyce was a fun-loving, hilarious, and sarcastic kid. Her nickname was

THON Org Spotlight: Phi Chi Theta (PCT)

by Sadie Bagdasian Phi Chi Theta is one of many business fraternities at Penn State. The org, known as PCT, has around 150 brothers and 3 pillars they associate with.

THON Alumni Wars

For the first annual THON Alumni Wars, past captain committees will compete against each other to fundraise For The Kids®. From Sunday, February 14th until the end of THON Weekend, past captains can fundraise on their

Thoughts coming into THON 2021

Just after we stood for 46 hours For The Kids at  THON Weekend 2020 back in February, which seems like ages ago, news started breaking about a new disease spreading.

THON 2021 weekend playlist!

With the ongoing pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for people to stay motivated, myself included. As a self-proclaimed “people person”, having to quarantine with only my family was tough.

How to Spice Up Your THON Zoom Meetings

Hi, Captains and CM’s! Every day we get ready for classes through our computers and anticipate another several hours of staring at our screens and wondering when life will be

COVID-19 THON Weekend Guidelines

We want to remind the THON Community of the importance of safety, specifically as it pertains to COVID-19. To do our part in stopping the spread of COVID-19 for each other, our local communities, and our Four Diamonds Families, we

THON Org Spotlight: Club Ultimate Frisbee

THON Org Spotlight: Club Ultimate Frisbee  By Christain Piccioni  One of the reasons that THON is such a special event is because of the unifying power it has across the entire Penn

Dancer Engagement Guide for Donors and Alumni

Dancer Engagement Guide for Donors and Alumni Although we cannot be together in person during THON Weekend, donors and alumni will have several opportunities to motivate and interact with dancers and students as we

Committee Engagement Over Winter Break

Committee Engagement Over Winter Break  By Hanna Bernett  It’s easy to feel disconnected from school and THON during winter break…especially this year. Despite the post-holiday slump, you might be experiencing, there are

THON Nation Event Resources

THON Nation Event Resources This site includes all necessary resources to help you host a successful THON Nation Fundraiser! Please contact with any questions. This document lays out the

Giving Back to THON Throughout the Holiday Season 

Giving Back to THON Throughout the Holiday Season  by Sadie Bagdasian  As the holiday season continues to spread its joy, THON does the same. The gift of giving is a rewarding

Giving Tuesday 2020

 Happy Giving Tuesday! Today, THON™ is partnering with Johnson & Johnson to help children and families battling childhood cancer. On this national day of giving, support Penn State THON by

Dream Forward Campaign

Dreams begin in childhood and inspire us to move forward. THON has ignited a selfless pursuit for compassion in the hearts of a generation of young philanthropists who empower themselves

Saying Goodbye to THON

Saying Goodbye to THON By Chelsea Bauer Well, this is it, my last THON ever as a Penn State student. As surreal as this journey felt, it also had me


THANK YOU!! The weekend is finally here and THON IS TOMORROW! After preparing all year for the most magical event on campus, it can be overwhelming to realize we will

THON™ Playlist

THON™ Playlist One of the best ways to re-group during THON Weekend and take some time for yourself is to listen to music! Music can help refresh the mind, enhance touching moments

THON Outfit Ideas

THON Outfit Ideas Just like award shows or the Met Gala, THON has its own sense of style during the weekend. Whether you wear the same outfit or have a couple


46LIVE Our yearlong THON™ efforts would not be fulfilled without the help of 46LIVE documenting our journey and THON Weekend every year. 46LIVE is a student-run organization supported by the Bellisario College of Communications. They

How to talk to dancers

How to talk to dancers While THON™ embraces an amazing environment for our THON children and families, we can’t forget about the dancers who sacrifice their bodies to help create the

Fanny Pack Essentials

Fanny Pack Essentials It may be an iconic fashion statement from the 90s, but fanny packs are essential during THON Weekend. But once you secure your brightly colored lifeline, what should you pack in

How to make a perfect bow

How to make a perfect bow STEP ONE Collect your supplies  STEP TWO  Lay your 3-inch ribbon down flat and horizontally. Fold about a third of the right side down

Why I THON™- Jackie Schwartz

Why I THON™ – Jackie Schwartz Jackie Schwartz has known about THON for most of her life.   Growing up with a dad who attended Penn State, Schwartz said THON became a

Why I THON™ – Steph Galetta

Why I THON™ – Steph Galetta Every THON™ volunteer has a unique story of why they became involved in the fight. Whether they chose to attend Penn State to participate in

THON™ Family Carnival

THON™ Family Carnival The THON™ Family Carnival is a highly anticipated event among THON volunteers, providing them with the opportunity to interact with Four Diamonds children and families before THON weekend.  This year,

THON™ 5K Presented by PNC

THON™ 5K Presented by PNC Written by Jordan Corley  Content curation by promotions committee members   Penn State campus erupted in laughter, cheers and smiles on Sunday, Oct. 13 as THON™