by Hanna Bernett

Noah McCampbell is a THON Teen who is exited to be paired with Penn State’s math club. “Noah’s relationship to the Math Club is special because of one of its members, Eli Plant, who runs the website for the club,” explained Noah’s family, “Our families have been close friends for years. When Eli joined the Math Club, they were looking to be paired with someone. Since Noah was not paired at the time with an organization, he asked if Noah would like to be paired with them. He did and the rest is history.” 

One of the best things about THON Organization pairings with families is the shared passion for a certain activity or subject between college students and a THON child. Often, org members serve as mentors for their THON child due to a shared interest.  

“Noah has met with the Math Club a couple of times last year over Zoom. Since Noah is still in active treatment, we haven’t been able to come up and meet them in person.  
Noah has similar interests as most of them in math club because he would like to purse a college degree in Computer Science when he graduates. Since most Computer Science degrees and careers involve a lot of math it was a perfect fit.”