by Katherine Ridenour

THON Nation Event Resources

This site includes all necessary resources to help you host a successful THON Nation Fundraiser!

Please contact with any questions.

This document lays out the basic rules of fundraising through THON Nation and includes information for valid methods of donation, company sponsorships, and how to credit organizations.

This sheet provides statistics regarding THON itself along with impact numbers to display the significance of your support. 

This resource is a great place to begin to ensure your event is as successful as possible! The Starter Kit provides a step-by-step guide to setting up a successful fundraiser along with quick facts about THON. 

This is a visual that you can use when advertising your event! More visuals like this one are also included in the Starter Kit resource.  

Utilize this template as a resource when communicating information about your event. The letterhead may not be altered.

This form is to be used by individual event hosts after the fundraiser is over to submit to the THON office. You can write in the credited organization at the bottom of this form.  

This form is to be used by Penn State Alumni Association Chapters after the fundraiser is over to submit to the THON office.