by Danielle Venuto

With the ongoing pandemic, it has become increasingly difficult for people to stay motivated, myself included. As a self-proclaimed “people person”, having to quarantine with only my family was tough. I missed meeting new people and interacting with those my age. Of course, there is zoom, but there is something special about feeling the energy of others face-to-face. What’s the best way to get people motivated and moving? It’s simple, MUSIC! The one thing that got me through all of quarantine and continues to lift my spirits is the underrated power of a good song. Therefore, a playlist with all the past THON hits could be just what the dancers need to get themselves hyped up and ready, remotely of course.

For some people, music is associated with a certain time period or specific moment of their lives. The simple press plays of a song can take some back to that exact moment and let them relive it all over again. For others music is simply a mood changer. It is proven that music has the ability to lift moods, combat depression and lower levels of stress related hormones while also increasing blood flow. Music has so many beneficial qualities that can help to get dancers in the “zone” and ready to dance their hearts away … virtually.

The power of a playlist is groundbreaking. The creation of a THON playlist is the perfect way to keep dancers engaged and eager to get moving as the combination of songs can be changed at any time to fit any mood. It can include a variety of songs and the playlist can be created virtually by dancers as a fun way to collaborate while also staying safe. THON is all about coming together for a greater cause and with people not being able to physically come together, working on something fun and beneficial like a unique playlist is great for the dancers. Great additions would be hits played during past THONs (for example: Coming Home by Sheppard, The Nights by Avicii, All Night by Icona Pop, etc.), current popular tunes and classic songs, many of which we all know and love from Saturdays in Beaver Stadium, that will get people dancing in their living rooms.

Everyone has made incredible efforts to combat unprecedented issues and it is so amazing to see Penn State volunteers still coming together For The Kids despite hardships related to the pandemic. As a freshman, this is my first experience with THON, and I have been blown away by the true dedication and drive that the thousands of volunteers have put in to ensure the success of this event. I’m sure this playlist is just what everyone needs during THON Weekend!