by Clair Dunham

THON Outfit Ideas

Just like award shows or the Met Gala, THON has its own sense of style during the weekend. Whether you wear the same outfit or have a couple of costume changes throughout the 46 hours, it can be daunting to decide what to wear. Here are some ideas that keep the energy high, colors vibrant, and FTK®! 

1.) Tutus! 

Over the years, THON Weekend has acquired a unique fashion style with a staple piece of none other than the tutu! These fun-fabric accessories are usually included in the ‘best outfits’ category throughout the weekend. Not only do they come in fun colors, but they embody the nostalgic childhood spirit THON already provides. They are also an easy accessory to add, cheap, and fun to make! Whether you get crafty with your organization, friends or committee, designing a tutu provides the perfect bonding experience for you and your fellow THON supporters.  

2.) Onesies! 

In just one comfy pajama set, you can be a (Nittany) lion, tiger, or bear, oh my! Not only are onesies comfortable enough to stand in for a while, but they are also so much fun to strut around in at the Bryce Jordan Center. And why not dress like a little kid again during this fun weekend? Maybe you can even find an astronaut or alien onesie to match THON’s Journey Together theme and logo! 

3.) A Good Pair of Shoes! 

There’s nothing more fashionable than functionality! On a real note, having a comfortable pair of shoes is one of the most important items you can wear during THON Weekend. Whether they are bright, black, or even New Balances, your feet will thank you for wearing something with a bit of support. Trust us, people will envy you for your comfy shoes. 

4.) Layers!  

Whether the amount of people in the BJC is packed or a little less so in the bright and early morning hours, the temperature changes throughout the 46 hours. For your upper body, maybe start with a cut-off tank if you’re feeling bold! It’ll feel nice when you’re jumping around during the Pep Rally, but soon you’ll want more comfortable clothes on so layer up. Bright colors are always encouraged, of course, so grab your tie-dyed sweatshirts, fun flannels, or anything else that you feel comfortable in. 

5.) Fanny Packs! 

While fanny packs have been a fashion faux pas in the rest of the fashion world, they will never be questioned within the stadium walls of the BJC during THON. Not only are they useful for storing other necessities, which you can read about here:, it also adds that pop of color to complete your THON Weekend outfit.  

6.) THON Merch  

This option is one of the most universal fashion pieces of THON. Whether a THON merch item is your main attraction or one of your layers, it’s a great and easy way to show your support for THON. Plus, you could be twinning with volunteers, dancers, parents, students, alumni, you name it! It’s a fun way to not only look great but also be a part of a great and loving community.  

7.) Bandanas  

Keep your hair out of your face with the simple but fashionable accessory of a bandana! Everyone needs a statement piece and a fun colored bandana is just the accessory you need! If you don’t want it on your head, tie it to your wrist, your ankle or anywhere you can show off your sense of style.  

8.) Crazy Leggings or Shorts 

Or why not both? The combination is a daring one, but one that just speaks to your dedication to THON! And there is no better time to experiment with new fashion trends than in the joyful atmosphere of THON Weekend. Not to mention, leggings have their own ability to be comfortable while also being crazy or colorful enough for you to stand out. And don’t think that leggings are just for girls! Just like shorts, they are fun, functional, and universally accepted at THON.  

9.) Temporary Tattoos 

While it may be tempting to permanently tattoo the Four Diamonds to your cheek, maybe wear a temporary one first! They are nice little additions that you don’t have to worry about until you want to wash it off. While being super cute, these temporary tattoos are just another way to show your support for THON, Penn State, and Four Diamonds.  

10.) Anything goes.  

THON weekend is all about coming together and finding a cure. While planning your THON weekend outfit is a fun way to show your creativity and support, don’t stress too much about it! No matter what you decide, if you are standing for, volunteering, or supporting THON, you’ll fit right in.