We are forever grateful for the continuous support of our loyal alumni. Every year our THON family grows, introducing more students, parents and families to THON. Our THON Legacy stories highlight THON student volunteers whose friends and family members were also involved at THON during their time at Penn State. Check out the legacies that these individuals have left on the THON community below!

Keyes Family

Meet Warren, Sue, and Riley Keyes! Warren and Sue Keyes got involved in THON when they attended Penn State, dancing in 1979 with their fraternity and sorority Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Phi when THON was held in the White Building. Since graduating, they have loved watching the livestream each year. Their niece, Riley, ‘22, learned about THON through them growing up, and got involved her sophomore year as a Rules & Regulations Committee Member. This year she is a Dancer Relations Committee Member. Listen to how this family's love for THON has led to a second generation of THON volunteers!

Hale Family

Meet the Hale Sisters, Mary, Megan, and Anna! Mary first got involved in THON through Kinesiology Club Benefitting THON and attended her first THON in 2015. It was through THON that she met her future husband and became a Hospitality Committee Member her junior and senior year. Megan, ‘23 became involved in THON her freshman year in a Dancer Relations Committee and is now a Dancer Relations Captain. Anna, ‘25, is a Rules & Regulations Committee Member this year, and her sisters inspired her to begin her involvement in THON. Their favorite THON memory is watching the livestream and doing the line dance throughout the weekend! Watch the video to learn more about how THON has changed all their lives!

Filandro Family

Meet Olivia and Chris Filandro! Olivia ‘22 was inspired to dance after growing up hearing stories from her Dad who danced for his fraternity, Delta Upsilon, in THON 1989. As she takes a stand with Penn State Crew in THON 2021, these stories will keep her motivated! Her passion and dedication for THON have only grown through the years with the support of her dad. Watch the video to learn more about this father-daughter duo!

McIntyre Family

Meet John, Lydia & Ellen McIntyre! John first got involved in THON in 1989 with his fraternity, Theta Chi. His favorite memories include canning trips to Pittsburgh, slides of strength and the line dance. After witnessing the love and support in the THON community, he was inspired to dance his senior year in 1991. Since graduating, he has loved watching THON grow, along with his daughters, Lydia ‘21 and Ellen ‘24. Lydia is dancing this year with her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, where she serves as the current Finance Chair. She first learned about THON through her parents and after being involved at Penn State, Lydia was inspired by her dad’s encouragement and her Organization’s Four Diamonds Family to dance!

Cinker Family

The Cinker Family’s THON Legacy started in 1991 when Mike and Dawn met at THON. Now, 30 years later, their oldest son Ben ‘21 will be dancing in THON 2021 for his business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, as their Donor and Alumni Relations Chair! The Pittsburgh based family have dedicated countless hours to conquering childhood cancer. Listen to how a mutual friend and a love for THON led to a second generation of THON volunteers, including younger brother Will ‘24!

Shojaie Family

Meet sisters Amber and Kaylie Shojaie! Amber was involved in THON during her time at Penn State in both Rules & Regulations and the Family Relations committees as a Committee Member and Captain, and graduated in 2019. Her sister, Kaylie, ‘22, is now getting her master’s degree at Penn State, and has been involved in Hospitality and Family Relations committees as a Committee Member and Captain. They have both been able to see how THON has changed their lives, and how they have inspired others to be involved in THON. Listen to hear how they have dedicated their time as THON volunteers and leaders, as well as a THON family they have gotten very close to, the Evans Family!

McMackin Family

Meet Lindsey and Craig McMackin! Craig, Lindsey’s uncle, was involved in THON during his time at Penn State, involved in an Operations committee his first year, a Morale committee his second year, now known as Dancer Relations, committee member. His third year, he danced in 1995, and his fourth year he was on a Morale committee. His niece Lindsey now attends Penn State, was a Dancer Relations Committee Member her first year and is now an Operations Committee Member. Watch the video to learn more about how they have each influenced each other to remain involved in THON!

Robyn and Vinny

Meet Robyn Passante and Vinny Carrano, whose friendship was unlikely, but brought together by THON. In 1995, both Robyn and Vinny’s first THON, Robyn was dancing as a senior, and Vinny attended as a kindergarten student. Robyn was paired with Vinny’s sister as a pen pal for THON teens that year, and Vinny also wrote a letter to Robyn as well. Years later, Robyn reached back out to Vinny when he attended Penn State, danced as a freshman in 2012, and became a Merchandise Captain, when the THON store opened. Watch the video to learn more about how their friendship and THON have grown over the years!

Souren Family

Meet the Souren Family! John Souren (‘90) attended THON Weekend every year as a student and still proudly supports THON, as DMAIG’s Technology Director. After graduation, he met his future wife, Karin, and decided that the perfect date night activity would be to take her to see THON Weekend. The cause became a mutually important part of their lives, so important that they wanted to transfer the passion to their kids. John and Karin’s passion was only enhanced in their children Johnny (‘21) and Anna (‘23), who first attended THON Weekend as children while it was held in Rec Hall. Johnny was involved in THON all four years that he was a student through the Kinesiology Club, and Anna was a committee member for two years before becoming a Merchandise Captain for THON 2023. Watch the video to learn more about how THON has shaped their lives!