Noah Gearhart

Technology Director

4th Year Student
Hometown: Bethel Park, PA
Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2020: Technology Captain (Dash Developer)
THON 2021: Technology Captain (Dash Project Manager)

Why did you want to become a member of the THON 2022 Executive Committee?

THON is the type of organization that leaves a permanent imprint on everyone it impacts. From the first time I experienced THON Weekend to today, I have had a drive to get involved. Every year that I have volunteered, I’ve wanted to take on as much as I could to contribute to the THON Community. My past THON involvement has shaped my experience as a Penn State student, a leader, and an overall individual. To me personally, being a Director specifically provides the opportunity to inspire the entire THON Community while pursuing a vision for the future of THON. I want to inspire the community with my vision; I want to lead the next generation of the most impactful students in the world.

What are your main responsibilities for THON 2022?

As Technology Director, my job is to oversee six development teams—Dash, THINK, Special Projects, User Experience,, and Systems. Together, THON Technology’s teams develop and maintain THON's online platforms used by thousands of supporters and volunteers every year. While I personally lead a few larger projects, THON Technology Captains handle the vast majority of the technical work. My responsibilities are mostly non-technical; my primary role is to provide guidance and support to each captain to keep the teams on track for success.

What is your favorite THON memory?

Friday night of THON Weekend 2020, I was tasked with fixing a problem that was preventing bands who were performing on stage from entering the Bryce Jordan Center. It turned out to be a very simple problem, but it was the greatest feeling in the world to fix. A major part about being a THON Volunteer is understanding that every person makes a big impact, even if they don't see it immediately. I looked around at the dancers, families, and children on the floor, and the spectators in the stands, all singing along to the performers onstage, realizing that I played a part in making this happen. I hope every member of the THON Community has a moment like this where they can comprehend the amazing impact they have.

What are you most looking forward to for THON 2022?

I am most looking forward to making it easier for volunteers to do their jobs. Technology plays a key role in making THON as effective as possible. I have the opportunity to truly make an impact on the THON Community for years to come, and I am so excited to do that.

What is your favorite quote?

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb

What are you involved in outside of THON?

Penn State Blue Band

What are your plans after graduating from Penn State?

I plan to work in the software engineering industry, preferably doing work very similar to what Technology Captains do.