Julia Semmer

Supply Logistics Director

4th Year Student
Hometown: Berwyn, PA
Major: Supply Chain
Minors: Security and Risk Analysis, International Business, Global Security

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2019: OPPerations Committee Member
THON 2021: Supply Logistics Captain (Inventory Coordinator)

Why did you want to become a member of the THON 2022 Executive Committee?

THON and Penn State have been in my life since I was born. Growing up, I knew I wanted to get involved in THON when I came to college, but I didn't know how big of an impact THON would have on me. When I came to Penn State, I found my family in THON, both as a Committee Member and as a Supply Logistics Captain. Coming into my senior year, I knew I had more to give to THON. I wanted to be a Director to help others find the same family at Penn State and give back a little bit of what this incredible organization has given to me.

What are your main responsibilities for THON 2022?

As the Supply Logistics Director, I oversee the organization, upkeep, and data tracking of all of THON's inventory locations. I work with nineteen Supply Logistics Captains to contact donors and obtain all in-kind donations used at every event throughout the year. Additionally, I work with my inventory team to ensure supplies are readily available and provided to all other committees so they can function to the best of their abilities. Finally, Supply Logistics organizes the THON Raffle and other THON initiatives.

What is your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory is the first time I did the line dance on the floor during my freshman year THON. Growing up, I had always watched the livestream and seen all the THON Volunteers doing the line dance every hour. I remember looking around me and seeing thousands of dancers, volunteers, supporters, and families all dancing to the same song. I was able to see the magic of THON that everyone talks about.

What are you most looking forward to for THON 2022?

I am most looking forward to continuing to build the relationships with our donors that make THON so successful and spreading THON's mission through contact with donors. I also am excited to work with my Captains to help them become leaders in the THON Community and watch them shine in their positions. Having the opportunity to give back to THON and influence the future of this organization is so special and is something that I am continually looking forward to!

What is your favorite quote?

"Believe deep down in your heart that you're destined to do great things" —Unknown

Are you involved in any organizations that participate in THON? If so, please share a special experience or memory.

I am involved in Delta Sigma Pi and we have three THON families as an organization. I have been able to see the amazing, long-lasting relationships that develop between the brothers and our families. One of our THON Children is actually at Penn State now and a brother himself!

What are you involved in outside of THON?

Penn State Homecoming Merchandise Captain, Delta Sigma Pi Professional Business Fraternity

What are your plans after graduating from Penn State?

I plan to work for a consulting firm in Supply Chain or Strategy consulting!