Supply Logistics
gwen yetter

Supply Logistics Director

5th Year Student
Hometown: Doylestown, PA
Major: Biology & Psychology
Minors: Neuroscience

Previous THON™ Involvement

THON 2020: Rules & Regulations Committee Member
THON 2021: Communication Committee Member
THON 2022: Communications Captain (Outreach Coordinator)

Why did you want to become a director for the largest student-run philanthropy in the world?

I've seen THON through four, and now five, unique perspectives as a general spectator, a CM, a captain, and now as a director. Each year, I’ve learned invaluable lessons and met the most passionate and courageous individuals, all of whom inspire me. I’ve also seen first-hand that THON is not confined to any one building, but rather it is an ever-growing community centered around hope, a true testament to the strength of humankind that transcends across the world. Every individual is impacted by cancer in one way or another, and I've seen the ways in which our hard work makes a positive impact on our families, no matter the struggles they are faced with. By being involved in THON, I can help to ensure that we as an organization can continue providing financial and emotional support for those impacted by childhood cancer for years to come, and ultimately, my past experiences have created a continuous, intrinsic desire to give back to this organization in every way possible. I hope to help pave the pathway for the future of THON while also providing more memories for children, teens and families no matter where they are in their journey while also keeping our angels at the center of all we do.

What are your main responsibilities as a Director for THON 2023?

As the Supply Logistics Director, I oversee the organization, upkeep, and data tracking of all of THON's inventory locations. I work with eighteen SL Captains to contact donors and obtain in-kind donations used at every event throughout the year. Additionally, I assist my inventory team to ensure supplies are readily available and provided to other committees as needed. Furthermore, Supply Logistics organizes the THON Raffle and other THON initiatives such as the Costume Drive, Hershey Holiday Toy Drive, Gift Card Initiative, and the Extra Items Drive which I oversee throughout the year.

What is your favorite THON memory?

While I have many THON memories, my first is the one that sticks out to me most. It was February 17, 2019, or the Sunday of THON Weekend 2019. I recall standing with the Club Cross Country team and more specifically two girls who are now my best friends; I observed the individuals around me, the flashing lights, the smiles on the floor and in the stands – it was incredible. But it wasn’t until the Celebration of Life video began that everything clicked and I truly gained an understanding of THON. It was in those very moments in which I stood with my arms locked around my teammates that my passion and desire to be involved in THON turned into a need, and I realized that THON is home to all – a community without judgment where I and everyone around me could feel safe, included and happy. It was a place that students, kids, teens and families alike could call home, a place where everlasting memories could be made and a place where we demonstrated the power of hope as a community

As a director, what are you most looking forward to for THON 2023?

I am looking forward to seeing the incredible impact we as a community can have this year. That includes communicating and building relationships with new and longstanding donors while also offering my support and watching my incredible captains shine in their roles!

Favorite Quote?

"Just keep swimming" - Dory

Are you involved in other organizations that benefit THON?

Club Cross Country

What are you involved in outside of THON?

Club Cross Country

What are your plans after graduation from Penn State?

I hope to work at Merck or another large pharmaceuticals company in Oncology Marketing or potentially Vaccines Marketing!

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Either a butterfly or a dolphin - both are pretty peaceful and represent balance, hope, and positivity. Plus I have always loved both of them!

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

No. If a hotdog is a sandwich, then why isn't a taco as it is also covered on three sides? If we keep it simple, sandwiches are simply items in which there is a piece of bread on both the top and the bottom.