Over the past 50 years, the THON Community has raised over $219 million for our sole beneficiary, Four Diamonds, and ultimately worked to change the narrative of a childhood cancer diagnosis. As we are now just two months from THON Weekend 2024, the end of the calendar year has immense opportunity for fundraising and spreading awareness. Between December 18th and January 8th, THON aims to support the children and families impacted by childhood cancer by funding the equivalency of 600 days of the Child Life Program. Together, in this season, our community of families, students, and supporters can begin the new year by giving a gift equivalent to supporting the change in narrative of a childhood cancer diagnosis. If you would like to learn more about the Child Life Program, visit here.

Calendar of Events

Season of Giving Lottery

Date: December 18th - January 8th

There are two active lotteries during the Season of Giving: one for organizations who have already been allocated dancers for THON 2024 (Guaranteed Organizations), and one for organizations and IDCs who are in the yearlong lottery system for dancers (Lottery Organizations & IDCs). For every $500 raised during the campaign, organizations for their respective designation may win prizes. Visit the toolkit below for details.

Frozen Matching Day

Date: Sunday December 31st

If the THON Community has 500 tap-ins during Social Media Blizzard #2 on December 30th, then funds will be unlocked for a matching day to occur the following day. The details of the matching day are as follows: Starting at 8AM EST, every 3rd donation up to $100 will be matched until funds run out. Then, at 12 PM EST, every 3rd donation up to $100 from a parent will be matched until funds run out. Finally, at 6PM EST, every other student donation will be matched up to $25 until funds run out.

Committee Fundraising Challenge

Date: December 27th - January 3rd

This year, all THON Committees have the opportunity to engage in a NEW Fundraising Challenge to win the following prizes!
❖ 1st Place: Committee will reveal the Season of Giving Impact Total on Penn State THON’s Instagram
❖ 2nd Place: Entire Committee will win a piece of Merchandise
❖ 3rd Place: Committee will have a meal catered by HOS at one of their future Committee Meetings

THON Nation Games

Season of Giving Toolkit

See the Season of Giving Toolkit for detailed information on events, fundraising incentives, and social media tools.

Season of Giving Toolkit
Our Volunteers

THON recognizes and appreciates all of the support given throughout the year by its passionate volunteers. Check out our featured post on the THON Blog showcasing the hard work and dedication of THON volunteers across all levels of involvement.

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