Eleanor Wing
Eleanor Wing

Graduation Year:


Penn State Major:

Graphic Design

THON Logo Design (Year/Theme):

2018 / Discovering Tomorrow's Wonder

2018 logo


Eleanor graduated from Penn State in 2019, with a major in Graphic design and a minor in Art History. Her involvement at Penn State included the Valley Magazine, as well as the Arts and Graphic Design Program, which provided an opportunity for many hands-on studio experiences. In addition, she also had several internships, including WRT Design, an architecture firm in Philadelphia, and Office Design Magazine in New York City. Upon graduation, she began working as an art director in New York at an agency called Exposure in 2019.

How has designing a THON logo impacted you after graduation from Penn State?

Designing a THON logo enhanced my confidence in design overall. Being able to see something that I initially designed from a computer come to life helped me to visualize how future projects would look. I also was able to see the impact of my work in a real-world context because more people than just my classmates and professors were able to experience the design. Now, I still feel a connection to THON and Penn State, even though I have since graduated.

What was your inspiration for your THON logo design? 

The theme, Discovering Tomorrow’s Wonder, was where I got a lot of my inspiration from. Personally, I interpreted the discovery as the ways in which you can use your imagination to find that small experiences can become wonderful. A lot of the inspiration came from reminiscing on childhood, because as a kid, imagination is very important. Finding the wonder in the mundane daily events is what I wanted to convey the most in the logo.

What is your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory would be going to THON in 2018, the year my logo was chosen. It was crazy to have the logo projected up on the screen and see so many people wearing the logo on their shirts. It was almost an overwhelming experience, and I definitely got emotional seeing it in the real world for the first time after working on it for so long in a digital format. Being able to see people interact with the logo, whether it was people telling me they really liked it or sharing how they interpreted the logo or noticed things within the logo was really special. It gave me a broader perspective and made me feel like I was part of something much bigger than myself.