Anne Donnard

Graduation Year:


Penn State Major:

Bachelors of Arts, Graphic Design

THON Logo Design (Year/Theme):

2003 / Hope Surrounds Us


Anne graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a BA in Graphic Design in 2003 and went on to her career in advertising and marketing, leading teams for both Fortune 500 brands and startups alike. While living in California, Anne completed her MBA at the University of San Francisco and is now the Founder and Executive Creative Director of Emerson Blue, a brand and business innovation consultancy. Throughout the years her design work has been featured and recognized in Print Magazine, Communication Arts, American Illustration, SFMoMA, and The New York Times to name a few. With a growing company and family, Anne now splits her time living in Basel, Switzerland and Oakland, California with her husband Chris and their daughter Margot.

How has designing a THON logo impacted you after graduation from Penn State?

As a Penn State graphic designer, it was instilled in us to be creative problem solvers. Designing for THON allowed me to see the emotion and the impact a single mark can have on a community. Designing with empathy and heart was a lesson in design that will never be forgotten.

What was your inspiration for your THON logo design? 

It was long ago, but I believe it was the idea that the simple act of blowing bubbles can bring such joy and awe to both children and adults alike. By nature, the bubbles create a physical and emotional world around you, one of hope, love, and child's innate joy of being.

What is your favorite THON memory?

It would have to be doing a back handspring during my THON morale interview to make sure I got a spot on the team! Being on the floor with all the kids and supporting our dancers was a memory I will never forget!