Photo by Deborah Feingold

Photo by Deborah Feingold

Emily Mahon

Graduation Year:


Penn State Majors:

Graphic Design and Spanish

THON Logo Design (Year/Theme):

2000 / Love Never Fails

2000 logo


Emily majored in Graphic Design and Spanish at Penn State University. Before graduating in 2000 she interned as a graphic designer for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Her first job after college was designing book covers for St. Martin’s Press. She also worked briefly for the BBC in London and, after relocating in New York City, she joined Penguin Books. In 2006, she started her present role as Art Director at Random House, and continues to design covers for Doubleday Books, a division of Random House.

How has designing a THON logo impacted you after graduation from Penn State?

I haven’t worked on many logos since I designed the THON logo, but designing that logo is an experience I still cherish today. It was thrilling, as an undergrad, to have my logo printed, and to see thousands of people wearing tee shirts with the logo on it. A few years later, I met some volunteers who were fundraising for THON and talked with them about my experience in designing the logo. They were very impressed at the impact a THON logo could have beyond the 46 hours of the actual event.

What was your inspiration for your THON logo design? 

My idea was to have the outline of two feet, with the negative space creating a heart shape in the middle. I wanted it to represent the dancing in THON, which requires participants to stand on their feet for hours. I also wanted to convey the love and giving that each participant demonstrates in this volunteer event.

What is your favorite THON memory?

What was most inspiring was seeing the recreation center filled with students having fun and fundraising for a great cause. I also remember the amazing energy in that room and the excitement of it all. And seeing the logo everywhere was surreal.