Adam Pembleton

Hospitality Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Stroudsburg, PA
Major: Kinesiology

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2020: Hospitality Captain (Committee Events Coordinator)
THON 2021: Hospitality Director

Why did you want to be a Director?

During my time at Penn State, nothing has felt more like home than THON. THON helped me find my place at Penn State and has given me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. I want to give back to this organization until I can no longer give any more. I strive to leave a lasting impact on as many volunteers, families, and supporters as much as I possibly can.

What responsibilities do you have as the Hospitality Director for THON 2021?

Fuel the Fight. My main responsibility is to oversee all food and beverage donations for all Pre-THON events and THON weekend. I work with a variety of corporate and in-kind donors to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship exists where we can be as logistically efficient and sustainable for all of our volunteers and supporters.

What is your favorite THON memory?

During my junior year, I was able to spend some time in the upper bowl with my committee during the final four. Although it was only for a few short minutes, it was incredible to dance and celebrate with the group that inspired me so much throughout the entire year.

Favorite Quote

"Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience" -Guy Fieri

What are you involved in outside of THON?

Camp Kesem Central PA

What are your plans for after you graduate from Penn State?

I plan to attend graduate school to become a Doctor of Chiropractic.