Rules and Regulations  Fundraising Safety

Rebecca Aloi

Rules & Regulations Fundraising Safety Director

Year: Senior
Hometown: Saint Marys, PA
Major: Chemical Engineering
Minor: Environmental Engineering

Previous THON Involvement

THON 2017: Rules & Regulations Committee Member
THON 2018: Donation Box Captain, Volunteer Safety
THON 2019: Fundraising Outreach Coordinator, Fundraising Safety

Why did you want to be a Director?

The reason I wanted to be on the Executive Committee of the largest student-run philanthropy in the world cannot be boiled down into one answer. The answer lies within the people I have met, the experiences, and the failures I have been a part of throughout my career as a THON volunteer. It also lies in looking at how much change has occurred in the past three years and the enormous potential there is for the future of THON. As a sophomore, I was given the opportunity to transition Donation Boxes to Volunteer Safety. For THON 2019, the Fundraising Safety Directors chose me to overhaul a position which required me to dive deeper into fundraising outside my knowledge of Donation Boxes. They both put their trust in me to accomplish projects that would have an impact. They supported me and will continue to support me until they no longer can and I wanted to have that same impact on other volunteers’ lives. The first time I experienced THON as a freshman is an experience that solidified my love for this organization and will continue to do so every year I am in the Bryce Jordan Center. One of the reasons I have stayed involved is that THON has given me the ability to serve others and make an impact. This year is an amazing starting point and can lay the groundwork for years to come. Each year THON as a whole has so much potential and I wanted to be able to put it into action on the Executive Committee.

What are your main duties as the Fundraising Safety Director for THON 2020?

THON Rulebook Comprehensive understanding and review of the purpose of all official policies Additions, removals, or revisions of any rules or policies as deemed necessary by members of the THON Executive Committee Oversee the enforcement of all policies laid out in the Rulebook to ensure the consistency and integrity of all THON-related activities Online Giving Manage the administration and implementation of THON’s online fundraising platform as run by the Online Giving Team Communicate with Penn State Development, Four Diamonds, and DonorDrive staff to develop DonorDrive as a top admin user of the platform Develop strategies for improving online fundraising success for the THON Community Alternative Fundraising, Canvassing, & Donation Boxes Oversee the approval process of Donation Boxes and Alternative Fundraisers as run by the Fundraising Safety Captains approving them directly Ensure all Alternative Fundraisers, Canvassing trips, and Donation Boxes placements comply with the regulations set forth in the THON Rulebook THON Weekend Work alongside the Rules & Regulations: Event Safety Director and Captains to ensure the safety of all dancers, Four Diamonds Families, guests and spectators

What is your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory was during THON 2018 once the total was revealed. All of my co-captains on R&R Volunteer Safety were hugging each other and crying. One of my co-captains who was a senior gave me the biggest hug and once it was over looked me in the eyes tearfully and told me to not waste one moment in this incredible organization. It has stayed with me this whole time and I continue to think about each day and how I can utilize every moment.

Favorite Quote

“Optimism is the Faith that lead to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” - Helen Keller

Involvement Outside of THON

I am involved with the Society of Women Engineers. I was the professional development director for their corporate team. I am also a mentor to a team of 12 freshman women engineers for the Women in Engineering Program Orientation.

Plans for after College Graduation

Work as a chemical engineer in a manufacturing company.