George lesher

Finance Director

5th Year Student
Hometown: Annapolis, MD
Major: Masters of Accounting

Previous THON™ Involvement

THON 2019: OPPerations Committee Member
THON 2020: OPPerations Committee Member
THON 2021: Finance Captain (Alt Fund)
THON 2022: Finance Captain (Fundraising Sales Coordinator)

Why did you want to become a director for the largest student-run philanthropy in the world?

Through my involvements in THON I have met so many inspirational THON Families and THON Volunteers. I try to emulate their passion for our organization and hope to do so in my Director Role. I hope to inspire the next generation of Volunteers and give hope to all our families day in and day out. Someday soon we will be dancing in celebration of a cure.

What are your main responsibilities as a Director for THON 2023?

The Finance Committee supports the THON community in their fundraising efforts by securely processing all monetary donations to uphold the integrity of THON. In addition to tracking all organization totals, Finance also finalizes the THON Weekend total, the monetary representation of the THON Community’s year-long fundraising efforts For the Kids®

What is your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory was during my first THON when I was walking out of the tunnels of the BJC onto the floor and seeing all the bright colors and people in the stands. Seeing all those students centered around our mission was inspiring.

As a director, what are you most looking forward to for THON 2023?

I am most excited to be surrounded by individuals who are as passionate about THON's mission as I am. I am also excited to work with the entire Executive Committee to continue to foster an environment for THON that is positive and inclusive for all members of the community.

Favorite Quote?

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi

Are you involved in other organizations that benefit THON?

Penn State Baseball Club

What are you involved in outside of THON?

MAcc Program, Club Baseball, Penn State Sports Business Conference

What are your plans after graduation from Penn State?

Plans to work in Accounting- Auditing or Consulting

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a falcon. Being able to fly would be pretty cool and falcons also look cool.

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

Hot dog is a taco. I use the cube rule of food when determining what is or is not a sandwich.