Dear THON Supporters,

During my time at Penn State, my eyes have been opened to how life can be transformed by giving back. By dedicating time for the benefit of a greater purpose, I have seen the groundbreaking impact made by a group passionate about a united mission. THON creates light for families in their darkest moments, and we stand in solidarity with our families far beyond their journey with cancer. THON not only impacts the kids and families in Hershey but also has an immense influence on the students that are involved. As student leaders, we learn tangible skills that will impact the way we work for the rest of our lives. 

My name is Regina Duesler, and I have the pleasure of serving as the Executive Director for THON 2020. Over the past 10 years, THON has transformed its fundraising model and has grown in the areas of professionalism and national coverage. We have legitimized THON as a philanthropy, and we have added events throughout the year to ensure our THON volunteers feel immersed in the magic of THON all year long.  

Since 1973, Penn State students have united to ignite change and make a positive impact. THON is committed to finding a cure, and we will not stop until we dance in celebration. Thank you for joining us on our journey for the past 47 years, and for your continued support of our families battling childhood cancer.

Together, we are one day closer to a cure.

For The Kids,

Regina Duesler
THON 2020 Executive Director