Dancer Relations
Jena Dehoff

Dancer Relations Director

4th Year Student
Hometown: Mechanicsburg, PA
Major: Biobehavioral Health
Minor: Biology, Natural Sciences, & Diversity and Inclusion in Health and Human Development

Previous THON™ Involvement

THON 2021: Dancer Relations Committee Member
THON 2022: Dancer Relations Committee Member
THON 2023: Dancer Relations Captain (Dancer Storage)

Why did you want to become a director for the largest student-run philanthropy in the world?

THON has undoubtedly been the most inspiring and influential aspect of my time at Penn State. Each year I have had the opportunity to contribute towards a cure for childhood cancer, learn from motivated and talented volunteers, and create countless memories. Through my time with THON I've been able to see how our efforts are truly helping our families in both big and small ways, and how THON can bring together the Penn State community throughout the year, even in uncertain times. Being involved in THON has provided me with so much passion and gratitude, and I'm excited to work to give that experience to others. I look forward to being able to collaborate with many other THON volunteers to learn more about this organization while spreading our mission, as well as continuing to innovate and build new experiences for families, dancers, and the entire THON community.

What are your main responsibilities as a Director for THON 2023?

As the Dancer Relations Director, my main responsibility is the safety and well-being of Dancers physical, mental, and emotional health throughout THON Weekend and curating the overall Dancer experience. I work alongside the 24 Dancer Relations Captains throughout the year to cultivate a fun, fulfilling, and memorable environment for dancers throughout the weekend. We coordinate the logistics of the dancer experience, including Dancer Registration, Dancer Storage, EMS and Athletic Training services, Mail and Package Call, College of Nursing Services, the Line Dance, and more!

What is your favorite THON memory?

My favorite THON memory was standing and working alongside my DR Captain Committee during the Final Four hours of 2023 THON Weekend. It was truly a magical time; although we were working, we took the time to stand and watch for a moment. I found myself arm in arm with strangers turned best friends through the year and being able to laugh, cry, dance, and reflect on our individual experiences volunteering as well as all the accomplishments of the THON community that year. At this moment, I truly understood that everything accomplished throughout the year had been done by student volunteers who could have been doing anything else with their time, but instead chose to dedicate countless hours to our families and mission so that this organization can continue to function seamlessly.

As a director, what are you most looking forward to for THON 2024?

For THON 2024 I am most excited to work towards enhancing the experience THON provides throughout the year for committee members, captains, families, dancers, organizations, and all other THON supporters. I also am excited to make more lifelong memories with my fellow THON volunteers and to learn and grown from them!

If you could give your high school self one piece of advice, what would it be?

In the end, it always works out.

What are you involved in outside of being a THON™ Director?

LifeLink PSU, Delta Gamma, Penn State Biobehavioral Health Society, Penn State Pre-Dental Society, and a Health and Human Development Research Lab

What are your plans after graduation from Penn State?

Following graduation from Penn State, I hope to attend dental school!

Who is your role model? Why?

My parents! Through their actions they have taught me how to manage when life gets hard, and the importance of perseverance, gratitude, service, and empathy. They are my biggest supporters and have undoubtedly shaped me to be the person I am today!

What Disney character do you identify with the most? Why?

I'm not going to lie I took a quiz for this, but Moana! I'm very outdoorsy and love going on adventures; and I also have strong emotions and trust my instincts (according to said quiz).

What is one thing you think everyone should try at least once?

Expressing gratitude! It's so important to thank the people who have impacted our lives and let them know that they are special!