The Adopt-a-Family Program

The Adopt-A-Family (AAF) Program connects passionate Penn State students with Four Diamonds Families so that they can support families and their loved ones to conquer childhood cancer, while empowering them to do anything that they set their mind to. Organizations range from greek organizations and club sports, to special interest organizations and commonwealth campuses.

Student Organization Testimonies

“We are thankful that the Colon family has welcomed us into their lives throughout these last 12 years and shared Xavier’s memory with us. We’ve had the opportunity to watch both Victor and Xander grow up right in front of our eyes, and it’s been so special to share so many wonderful memories with them.”


“We love our partnership with the Knepp family because we have truly become a family over the past couple of years. The Knepp’s are here for us just as much as we are for them. Landon and Izzy truly are like siblings to us and they run up to us with open arms each time we see them! The two of them bring an incredible amount of joy into our lives, and we look forward to watching them continue to grow throughout this upcoming year.”

Sigma Kappa

"Although William is not with us anymore, his impact, his family, and his contagious strength and smile still inspire us to this day. We are very excited for another year in continuing our connections with the Swegers, doing things William would have loved. He is smiling from above and we are smiling back."

Bee House

"As for the Devin Pulaski family, we are thankful for just that- the family! They are the newest addition to our tiny org, and they have already stolen our hearts and taken all of the little things that THON encompasses and tied them all together."

Penn State Schuylkill

"Watching Mckenna’s progress this past year in treatment has given the entire club a whole new perspective on life. Mary telling us we were able to make Mckenna smile despite having a hard day was the most rewarding thing in the world. It's always the little things that make you realize just how much our support means to these families who are going through such unimaginable circumstances, and it is such an honor to be a small part in making their lives just a little easier.”

Club Sailing

Family Testimonies

“I have a general comment for all orgs... Please remind them that sometimes they are the only friends our kids have during treatment. Cancer takes away so much. They can make a huge difference in the life of our kids, not to mention be huge role models. I will forever be grateful to the Penn State students that were there for our family.”

Lori Wagner (Britt Wagner Family), paired with Club Water Polo

“I would never be able to speak highly enough of Club swim! They have been there for us and truly have become like family. They have been a tremendous blessing to all of us over the last three years!”

Cassidy Butler (A’Niah Butler Family), paired with Club Swim

“We absolutely LOVE our orgs, and can’t say enough about how amazing they are! We can’t even imagine life without them.”

Landon Knepp Family, paired with Zeta Psi & Sigma Kappa

“I'd love for families to know even though it's overwhelming to meet a new group of people you never met before while trying to wrap your mind around the fact your child has cancer and all that that entails, being paired can be the best overwhelming choice you make. These kids will make fun for your child when you can't. The guys will play Barbies & the girls will play kickball, all while expecting nothing in return. They will be the light during a really tough time.”

Jeremy Hawk Family, paired with Impact