by Scott Katherine

Written by Allison Brady and Tea Griffith 

THON™ Weekend Captain fashion comes in a variety of styles from every shirt that is worn throughout the weekend to little details in their outfits. From matching bows to little pops of color to represent their committee, these captains show their year-long dedication to THON through their outfits. Whether it’s their shirts from prior events or ones designed specifically for the weekend, all Captains come together to wear matching outfits to make it easier to identify who is a part of each committee.  

Public Relations Publication Management Captain, Catey Ackerman, best described this coordination as a sign of committee unity.  

Although many committees wore matching colorful shorts on Friday night, the men of Public Relations took the cake by wearing purple cheetah print ones, that were hand dyed by the Captains themselves. Many other Captains followed suit on the handmade trend and made their own bows to wear in their hair, specific to their committee’s colors.  

Another honorable mention for fashion from Public Relations was Dancer Relations Liaison Captain Leah Krall’s hair, dyed to match the PR colors and having a cancer ribbon on the side of their hair. 

Along with the various outfits that come with the weekend, come various types of shoes to wear. There is a long debate about what are the most comfortable shoes to wear when standing for hours on end. According to Ackerman, the best shoes to wear are Hokas or Birkenstocks.  

Featured Image: Maggie Chilcutt | THON™ Photography