by Scott Katherine

Written by Matt Theirer and Nick King  

THON™ Weekend is the most anticipated moment for all of the volunteers involved with the organization. But, there is truly no experience like the one that the dancers selected to stand for the full 46 hours of THON Weekend have.  

To get a small glimpse of what THON Weekend is like for a dancer, we interviewed dancers on the floor during THON Weekend! Will Cinker and Maggie Scicchitano were kind enough to share some of their time and their stories for why they wanted to be involved in THON.  

Maggie, a junior majoring in Biobehavioral Health and minoring in Global Health and Biology, is dancing on behalf of the Penn State, Harrisburg campus. One of her biggest factors in wanting to dance this year was coming to THON Weekend last year.  

She stated, “I went to the last THON Weekend and just really wanted to be on the floor this year. She also cited her future career goals as a reason, saying that she plans of pursuing a career as a Physician’s Assistant and is “… super passionate about fundraising for childhood cancer.”  

At Penn State Harrisburg, Maggie is incredibly active in raising money for THON. She is the campus outreach captain and plans a lot of the fundraising events on campus throughout the year. Some of the events include a “Pie a Professor” event where students can pie a professor or coach of their choice and placing donation boxes in local businesses.  

Maggie credits the Harrisburg community for their fundraising success, saying “… we have a lot of personal relationships in the community, so we’re able to reach out to them… we have a really supportive community around us.” Maggie and Penn State Harrisburg are a true testament to what THON is about.  

Will, a senior majoring in management information systems, is dancing on behalf of Club Soccer at Penn State University Park. One of the biggest things that motivated him to dance was his family history at Penn State. Will mentioned to us that “both of his parents were involved with THON” and that his dad “danced on behalf of Sigma Phi” while his mom “worked on behalf of the Morale Committee.”  

When we asked about his past involvement in THON before this year, we learned that his involvement stems back from before his time in college! He mentioned that he was part of a mini-THON for his high school and that he was “one of the three executive chairs” that lead the event. When we asked him about his experience raising money with his soccer team this year, he told us that it “was a great experience” and that they “have an amazing family that we support, the Fry Family.”  

Featured Image: Megan DeCamara | THON™ Photography