by Magill Williams

Written by Samantha Matushek, Allison McKnight, and Sydney Waldner 

THON™ 2024 has officially begun! The dancers are standing, and the Bryce Jordan Center is packed with smiling faces, ready to take on the weekend.  

Vivian Kase is a proud dancer for the Lion Ambassadors organization. She is a fourth-year student, and this is her second year being involved in THON. Kase has previous involvement as a Dancer Relations Committee Member.  

About Lion Ambassadors 

Lion Ambassadors is a liaison for the student body, connecting them with Penn State. They provide private tours inside Old Main and orchestrate Haunted Valley. Additionally, Lion Ambassadors is paired with a THON Family and Kase is looking forward to meeting them for the first time this weekend.   

“What inspired you to dance in THON 2024?” 

After experiencing THON 2023, Kase wanted to see another side of THON Weekend and decided to become a dancer for THON 2024. Being a DR CM inspired her to dance, as they work first and with the dancers, helping them stay motivated. Her favorite THON memory from last year was witnessing Final Four next to her paired dancers and seeing their hard work pay off. 

Kase is dancing for both of her grandfathers and a student from her high school, Stephen. He was diagnosed with Leukemia during his sophomore year of high school and had to repeat a year. Kase is honored to be dancing for such influential people in her life. 

“What are you looking forward to the most throughout the weekend?” 

When asked what she is looking forward to most during THON Weekend, Kase replied with “I am looking forward to having my THON family come and get to know her DR CMs more”. Her DR CMs will be supporting her throughout the entirety of THON. She is also looking forward to finding support from everyone around her.  

Featured Image: Maggie Chilcutt | THON™ Photography