by Magill Williams

Written by Eva Patt

THON™ Weekend is a place where everyone comes together as a family to dance in pursuit of a cure for childhood cancer. It is a surreal experience to see a community of thousands of student volunteers and organizations show their support and for a 46-hour dance marathon. Those who attended were able to learn the line dance, see the Four Diamond families come together, and be able to stand for the kids affected by childhood cancer.

Tori Kovalchick, who is a dancer for Phi Sigma Phi, decided to THON for a cause bigger than her. Phi Sigma Pi is a general organization that is also a national honors fraternity. They are paired with the Fleagle family, and she expressed her excitement to support them.

Braden Fleagle was 16 years old when he was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer. His brain mass was called Germinoma, and he needed chemotherapy. Although there were bumps in his treatment journey, he ultimately responded well and on August 9, 2021, Braden ended his chemotherapy and began remission. When asked about how and why Phi Sigma Pi THONs, Kovalchick had this to say. “Our goal is to support the Fleagle Family and this year we’ll surpass our fundraising goal, so I’m excited about that too”.

Kovalchick added, “I was also in an IDC (Independent Dancer Couple) that was paired with the Fleagle family and having the opportunity to THON specifically for them again was very exciting.”

Featured image: Alexa Nystorm | THON™ Photography