by Magill Williams

Written by Liviah Yudt, Malie Dell’Orco, and Sarah Preston  

On Saturday, February 17th, the second day of THON™, Sean McCormack, dancer 57B, was enjoying his second dancer meal, a subway hoagie. McCormack is a proud brother of the Penn State chapter of Delta Upsilon. The year prior to 2024 Delta Upsilon paired with Delta Gamma and together they worked nonstop to reach fundraising goals with a grand total of $202,661.83. The two organizations worked tirelessly together again this year to Fundraise for THON 2024 For The Kids®.  

Just under twelve hours in Sean McCormack approached the press with a bright smile and electric presence. His passion for the mission stood out immediately. Starting the weekend strong, Sean shared his inspirational story of why he THONs. Sean shared that when he was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with pediatric cancer himself and for that reason he resonated with Penn State and its commitment to THON. He shared the kids, and their families are what make this weekend so special for him. He is able to resonate with their stories and provide a unique and personal perspective. He decided to officially dance in THON 2024 because of one of his biggest inspirations, his fellow brothers from Delta Upsilon. Last year his best friend in his Fraternity took on the challenge to stand for 46 hours. By the time the weekend was coming to an end McCormack’s best friend had said “it is time to pass the reigns down to you to support our THON kid and family”.  Since that moment McCormack knew, he was destined to dance in this year’s marathon. 

As Sean McCormack is currently participating in this year’s annual dance marathon his favorite act was Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, played early Saturday morning “having the best guitar solo ever”. The entertainment over the weekend is a huge part in what keeps the dancers going. The outstanding performances put on by many different bands are deeply appreciated by those standing for the cause.  

Featured Image: Maggie Chilcutt | THON™ Photography