by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Sarah Preston, Liviah Yudt & Malie Dell’Orco

Penn State’s annual THON™ Weekend, that aims to raise money for childhood cancer, cancer research, various forms of therapy and more. On Saturday morning, we had the pleasure of speaking to Maeve Dolan, a dancer, who is a junior who attends the Beaver Branch Campus. The spirit of THON is strong and contagious throughout State College, which is why we were so intrigued to hear from someone else, who was inspired enough to dance for THON, without bring imersed in an environment that is home to THON 5K, 100 Days ‘Til THON, the City of THON itself, and so much more.  

Q: “Why do you THON?” 

A: “I’ve always wanted to dance since coming to Penn State, I was glad I had the option this year, and it’s for a great cause of course.” 

Q: “How did you get involved at the Beaver Branch Campus?” 

A: “I’ve just always heard about THON, and just always wanted to be a dancer.” 

Q; “What is the preparation and ideology towards THON like at a branch campus?” 

A: “We just had a FTK® Basketball Game as well as events throughout the year leading up to THON, throughout campus.”

Despite not being at University Park, Dolan notes that there really does not seem to be a difference between how all Penn Staters view THON. 

She noted that despite not having a personal connection to THON, the impact THON’s mission can make is timeless. She had been inspired since she first stepped on Penn State’s campus to dance and raise money for THON to help spread its message and stand up for cancer, to help find a cure so one day no child will have to fight. Until then we will dance together and spread THON’s mission even further spreading beyond just branch campus. Maeve Dolan is most excited for ‘Mr. Brightside’ to be played at THON and the opportunity to dance to one of her favorite songs that brings so many people together. Dolan says that the best part is when the whole Bryce Jordan Center comes together and is dancing as one, for one cause, For The Kids®.  

Featured Image: Elle McIntrye | THON™ Photography