by Magill Williams

Written by: Colin Cross & Kassidy Borger

Avery Diehl is currently a dancer this year in THON™ 2024. She is an independent dancer and is from Penn State Mount Alto. She has been involved with THON in the past by working in morale and climbing up to the primary chair in her organization. She served as primary chair junior and currently senior year.  

When asked “Why do you THON?” she replied saying that she wants to make a difference, she believes that THON is an incredible organization and that she wants to help all the children and families involved. For fundraising, she wanted to get the community involved. She helped out with many different events from pie in the face, to sporting events. Her favorite THON memory so far was being in the stand supporting dancers and now this year being able to dance. Her favorite parts of THON Weekend so far are the line dance, and seeing the families and kids walking around. She said that the families and kids were a good reminder of why she was there. Out of all of the meals, her favorite was the pasta dinner. In the upcoming days of THON Weekend , she is excited for the pep rally, and final four. 

 Featured Image: Maggie Chilcutt | THON™ Photography