by Scott Katherine

Written by Dana Russell, Cecily Battaglia, Ella Cressler 

THON™ Weekend is quickly approaching. Captains, committee members, dancers, and all THON Volunteers are gearing up for one of Penn State’s most anticipated annual fundraisers.  

Throughout THON Weekend, there are numerous committees, organizations, and volunteers who devote their time to make sure this event runs smoothly. For this blog, we interviewed Entertainment Captain, Ally Palmer, to see how she’s preparing for THON Weekend. Palmer stated that throughout THON weekend, her role will consist of, “escorting and emceeing the stage performers among other things.” She further stated, “My position as Stage Performance Coordinator has been to communicate with and contact all of the performers on stage at THON Weekend, so my role during THON Weekend is to see the 40+ performances come to life on the THON Stage!” Palmer holds many roles throughout THON Weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing how her assistance helps execute one of the best weekends ever.  

When asked why she applied to be a captain, Palmer replied, “I realized I wanted to be a THON Captain after my committee member experience at THON Weekend 2022. It was an incredible experience for me and drove me to want to be more involved in the leadership of THON.”  

Freshman committee members preparing for their first THON Weekend share the same excitement and anticipation. Rules and Regulations Commitee Member Estella Mcnae tells us about her role in THON this year. Mcnae said, “My committee specializes in event safety. My job is to keep different zones throughout the Bryce Jordan Center secure. The most important role of mine is to make sure everyone is where they are supposed to be during the event.” As a Rules and Regulations Committee Member, Mcnae will ensure that THON Weekend runs smoothly.  

Every Penn State student has a different reason behind why they choose to participate in THON. Mcnae shares her reason for joining a committee, “It seemed like a great way to meet people and get involved in THON as a freshman. A lot of my friends were joining committees, so I was inspired to as well.”  

As THON Weekend is quickly approaching, volunteers are starting to get more excited. Mcnae shared with us what she is looking forward to most for THON Weekend. Mcnae said, “I am looking forward to talking to and see all of the families THON Weekend. I also can’t wait to see the Total Reveal in person at the end of the weekend.” It’s safe to say that Mcnae cannot wait to get to the Bryce Jordan Center in a few short weeks. 

The anticipation of THON Weekend has begun to arise and excite volunteers across all committees and organizations. Each volunteer has a different motivator behind why they choose to participate in THON but share the same goal of finding a cure to end childhood cancer.  

Featured Image: Jacob Sparages | THON™ Photography