by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Megan Pauley, Lizzy Watson, & Allie McKnight 

The THON™ Rules and Regulations Committee, better known as R&R, keeps all THON participants safe and secure throughout THON Weekend, as well as in the months leading up to it. Over 1,000 THON R&R Committee Members (CMs) makeup this family. There are two sub committees in R&R: Fundraising Safety and Event Safety. As the name implies, the R&R Fundraising Safety Committee guarantees that all fundraising is done safely. Additionally, R&R Event Safety focuses on ensuring safety during THON events, including the THON 5K, the Family Carnival, THON Weekend, and all others. 

The R&R community shares much love for their committee. Please continue reading to hear more from Captains and CMs about all things R&R! 

What are some fun things coming up? 

R&R is known for hosting the Reg Wars, a THON event where numerous Rules and Regulations committees compete head-to-head. Conner Lawler, a third-year student majoring in mechanical engineering and a captain of an R&R committee, detailed more about this event during an interview. Lawler states, “At this event, all R&R Committees compete in field day style games to do some pre-THON Weekend bonding.” 

In addition to Reg Wars, R&R also has numerous fundraisers coming up to support THON. “Our committees also have some pretty exciting alternative fundraisers planned in the future! Stay tuned to hear more about these in the upcoming weeks!” said Lawler. 

What have you learned from R&R (as a captain)? 

Being a THON captain holds lots of responsibility as they lead the THON community. From this comes numerous educational opportunities, with each captain having a unique experience. R&R Fundraising Safety Captain, Conner Lawler, elaborates on what he has gained from holding such position in THON, “One of the biggest things that I’ve learned, and am still learning from being a captain, is how to inspire leadership in others. There is a level of leadership involved with being a THON Captain, but THON and THON Weekend can’t happen without all 16,500 student leaders stepping up and being leaders in their own way.” 

Photo: Sarah Lynn DeCarlo

What are three words to describe R&R? 

As R&R contains so many levels, it can be difficult to only pair it with three or less words. Here are some responses from R&R captains and CMs: 

“Fun and Safe” – Conner Lawler, Captain 

“Big red family” – Miranda Danace, CM 

“Long-lasting friendships”- Jordan Feeney, CM 

Why love R&R? 

In case you haven’t noticed yet, there are so many reasons to love R&R! Fellow Rules and Regulations captains and CMs would say the same. 

Miranda Danace, a first-year student majoring in political science and psychology, with a minor in women and gender studies, is on an R&R committee. Miranda highlights the community in her family, “My favorite thing about my committee is all the people in it! They are the best ever!” 

Conner Lawler responds more in depth, “I love R&R so much because of the opportunities I get to have… R&R is a special committee during THON Weekend because we are the first volunteers spectators see when they are scanned into the building, we are there in the aisles keeping people safe or helping them get onto the floor, and we are the last thing spectators see when they leave. R&R is truly an integral piece to making the BJC run THON Weekend and we are lucky to be able to experience the weekend from so many different angles.” 

Jordan Feeney and Abby Niles, both CMs, state that they have made “long lasting friendships.” Both speak on how many friendships they have made this year alone in their big red family. R&R allows you to branch out and make new friends and have fun as a group while all supporting the same cause.