by Scott Katherine

Written by Nick King, Lily Persio, and Morgan Coccodrilli 

Each year one of the most anticipated events leading up to THON™ Weekend is the Theme Reveal. The theme itself is one of the most important parts of THON, as it stands as a reminder of one of the many reasons for our participation. The theme for THON 2024, “Treasure Every Adventure,” serves as a reminder to us to savor every journey that we have not just in THON but in life as well. These adventures to be treasured are unique to everyone.  

When asked about her reaction to the theme for THON 2024, Emma Gordon, a junior majoring in early childhood education and a Family Relations Captain stated, “I thought the theme for THON 2024 was so amazing. Everyone has their own adventure… Although we all go to the same events and attend the same place THON Weekend, we all have different experiences with it. This theme reminds us that there is beauty in every moment, and it is important that we recognize that and treasure it. The theme, ‘Treasure Every Adventure’, reminds us how special every moment is.”  

Brielle Sharkey, a freshman intending to major in supply chain management and Hospitality Committee Member said, “Being as it is my first year involved with THON, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the theme reveal, but I think the theme fits perfectly with the cause we are supporting and gives people a different perspective on it… I think the theme for THON 2024 helps shine a positive light on the small celebrations which are so important to our Four Diamonds children and families.”  

We also were given the opportunity to ask them how they have treasured their own adventures in their THON journeys up to this point.  

Volunteers and children enjoying Family Carnival. Photo by Lyndsay Surkosky

“I have had many adventures in my THON journey thus far. Being a Committee Member for 2 years, I had the opportunity to see a different side of THON…This year, as a junior, I am a Family Relations Captain. It has been such a magical adventure so far. I get the opportunity to make everlasting memories with our families that they will carry forever… Each experience is so unique and special to me. These experiences are ones that I will treasure for the rest of my life,” Gordon responded. 

 As a freshman, Sharkey has already gotten to make some memories in her own THON journey. “I have absolutely loved everything I have done involving THON thus far. It has been a pleasure getting to know all the wonderful people and just seeing everyone come together to support such a great cause. We have so much fun in everything we do together while still remembering what and who we are doing it for,” Sharkey said. 

The statements made by Brielle and Emma serve as a reminder to all of us that the THON theme each year is a major reason why we THON. This year’s theme reminds us that THON brings together people of all different backgrounds and experiences and unites us as one, but we are still able to have our own individual experiences and cherish them as such. It is something that all people participating in THON in any form should always be reminded of as we work together in the fight for a cure for childhood cancer.

Header Photo: credit to Sami Isenberg