by Scott Katherine

Written by Ella Cressler, Allison McCarty and Angela Ramirez

The THON™ HUB Lawn Word Picture is an event that occurs immediately after 100 Days ‘Til THON, where members from all over the community come together to take a picture forming a word. This year THON chose the word ‘Grow’. This picture represents unity and growth across the THON community. For a more in-depth look into the process behind capturing this picture we interviewed Photography Captain Lyndsay Surkosky as well as Production Lead Jase Gibbons.

“My role was to set the frame for the word since we were taking the picture from up top and then take the picture,” Surkosky said when asked about her role during the THON HUB Lawn Word Picture.

The word “Grow” holds a huge importance within the THON community, because it signifies that being part of THON is having the ability to spread the message and raise awareness as much as we can.

“The word grow means to me being able to grow within and bettering myself but also being able to grow and spread THON’s message. Through being involved with THON, I have learned so much about myself and my ability to lead and photograph. Also, THON’s mission lets people grow, and we get bigger and bigger each year which is so amazing to witness,” Lyndsay said when asked what the word “Grow” meant to her.

The process of taking this picture and videotaping was an intricate one, because there was a heavy amount of detailing, planning and coordination involved. Hundreds of members wore their 100 Days ‘Til THON shirts to form the word “Grow” which required precise detailing and accuracy.

“For the photo, we got to go on top of the Biobehavioral Health Building with Penn State OPP and map out the photo. So, I made sure it was all in frame and we put tape on the ground. Then the Special Events Director was on the ground and Public Relations was on the roof and we were directing them to get into the letters and then took the picture! It was such a fun and cool experience,” said Surkosky.

“The process went very smoothly. Penn State OPP took us up to the roof of the Biobehavioral Health Building where there is a walkway for us to overlook the HUB Lawn. We used tripods and stools to be able to see over the edge and then just waited for people to fill in the word,” Gibbons explained.

“The THON HUB Lawn Word is important as it acts as an additional theme for the year. This year the word “Grow” helps amplify the theme for THON 2024, ‘Treasure Every Adventure’. It also helps the THON Community understand the goals of THON for the year,” Jase said when asked about the significance of the THON HUB Lawn Word.

The THON HUB Lawn Word captures the bond, unity and the growth that stands strong within the THON community. It represents the hope, passion, and hard work that THON volunteers have, allowing them to spread awareness which will live on forever.

Header Photo: credit to Lyndsay Surkosky