by Scott Katherine

Written by Anirudh Ganesan, Kaitlyn Casciato, and Sydney Breitkreutz

Trilogy at Penn State is a group that is dedicated to supporting THON™ and bringing about real change. As a Special Interest Organization, their main goal is rallying funds for THON and lending a helping hand to families dealing with childhood cancer. They are paired with three Four Diamonds children, Janae, Cameron, and Willow. Madison Ruby, one of their newest members, spoke with us about what makes Trilogy and THON click.

Getting straight to the point, Madison said, “I THON because I want every kid to grow up and have a happy childhood.” It’s a simple yet powerful reason that fuels her commitment. She loves being part of something bigger than herself, where everyone’s marching to the same beat of making a positive impact.

Madison’s favorite part about Trilogy is ““being surrounded by such a positive group of girls who all have the same goal of benefiting THON.” Additionally, she really enjoys seeing the tangible results of their hard work and the real impact they’re making. From this, she has learned that THON is about much more than just fundraising; It’s about understanding and supporting real people going through tough times.

Madison cannot wait for THON Weekend 2024, where everyone can celebrate the strides that they’ve made against childhood cancer over the course of this year. The excitement is palpable in the group, and they are more than ready to spend the greatest weekend of the year with their peers and paired families. Madison is especially pumped, as she counts down the days until THON Weekend.

Trilogy at Penn State isn’t just a group; they have formed a true community around their common goals. Their focus on THON isn’t just about dollars and cents; it’s about making life better for families dealing with childhood cancer. They are proof that when students come together for a cause, amazing things can happen. Trilogy is all heart, and their commitment shows that Penn State has a community that cares. They’re not just making a mark; they’re leaving an imprint—one that resonates with compassion, unity, and a relentless pursuit of making the world a better place. THON is happy to have the opportunity to work with them and cannot wait to see them at THON Weekend 2024!

Header Photo: Jacob Sparages