by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Liviah Yudt, Kirsten Gerhart, & Sarah Preston

Kids Mail Night is an event where THON™ Volunteers come together to write uplifting messages to send to Four Diamonds families. It is an amazing opportunity for students to create colorful, silly cards to inspire the kids. There are multiple Kids Mail events throughout the year leading up to THON Weekend. This ensures that Penn State students, faculty, alumni, and donors have the chance to share an encouraging and uplifting message, For The Kids®.  

One of the Kids Mail Nights took place on Thursday, October 26th. THON Media Development Captain, Maggie Williams, attended that evening. When asked about her favorite part of the experience, she said it was the “great atmosphere” that the volunteers created at the event. “It’s a lot of fun to go with friends and meet some new people involved with THON, while just making some cute mail,” said Williams. Those who attend all go with the intention of spreading love and creating an open and welcoming environment.  

Photo: Emily Deacon

At this event the THON Volunteers spend their time writing jokes and drawing pictures to send to the kids. Maggie said that her favorite joke is ‘What did one volcano say to the other? I LAVA you’. “It’s just fun to channel my inner kid and write cheesy jokes like that. I hope all the kids like them,” Williams added.

Tapping into your ‘inner child’, as Williams put it, is what makes this event so special for the THON community. Events such as these and others put on by the THON community are all about bringing the community together. They are also a opportunity to remember why we THON in the first place. Williams was asked if she would recommend attending Kids Mail Night, for others in the future, her response was an enthusiastic, “Yes!” She stated that the most inspiring part of this event is how a small act like writing a letter or drawing a picture can have such a positive impact on a child, and at the end of the day is what THON is all about. 

Writing inspirational notes and pictures is not only available at Kids Mail Night but at most THON events. Taking the time to send loving messages to Four Diamond Families is the perfect way to connect with people in the THON Community. Grab your friends and stop in at any Kids Mail event to create forever friendships and endless smiles! 

Cover photo credit to: Emily Deacon