Vibe Coffee Supports THON™ Dream Forward Campaign
by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Sydney Waldner, Olivia Fisher & Elizabeth Watson

On Thursday, October 26th, Vibe Coffee, a coffee shop located in downtown State College, held a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards THON™ and its fundraising efforts and mission. Individuals went to get a sweet treat while also being able to credit their purchase to the THON organization of their choice. Vibe will donate a certain percentage of their purchase to THON, specifically the Dream Forward Campaign. For this year’s Dream Forward Campaign, the money goal set is $850,000!    

Holly and Ethan Stager, the owners, opened Vibe Coffee in September of 2021. “[Vibe FTK®️] is a really cool thing we get to do. I mean it’s unique being in State College. It feels good knowing on top of making people’s day, this day adds another special element.”

Holly took off from her full-time job on October 26th to support her business and THON on the busy day. Preparation for the day included “making sure that we reach out to people who make our beans, people who make our pastries” to ensure that all customers are satisfied with their orders.   

Photo: Olivia Fisher

As soon as you walk into Vibe Coffee, a line filled with THON lovers awaited you! Kelsey Breneman, a sophomore student at Penn State, said that she attended the fundraiser because she “Knew it was a THON fundraiser and [she] loves coffee!” Other individuals such as freshman students Lindsey Springer and Abby Fin expressed that they took part in this fundraiser “To support [their] groups.” Knowing the proceeds go towards such a wonderful cause, customers felt that it’s rewarding to know that they are contributing.   

If you aren’t feeling like drinking coffee you could even try another beverage. THON 2024 Executive Director Will Vincent ordered a hot chocolate, “I have already had my coffee for the day, so a little mid-day hot chocolate for a nice fall day sounds like a great idea.” 

After ordering a beverage of choice, customers were then directed to go to the crediting table run by Erica and Noah, two THON Hospitality Committee Members. The two shared that their roles for the day consisted of customers “Bringing us their recipes and writing down who they would like to credit, whether it be an organization, an independent dancer couple, or a committee. We keep track of the subtotals on an Excel spreadsheet.”

“We have an amazing hospitality committee with promotion captains and they worked endlessly to create such an awesome event,” said Vincent.   

Thank you to Vibe Coffee for their generosity and willingness to support THON in its efforts to fundraiser for pediatric cancer awareness. Make sure to continue towards fundraising your individual goal and by attending future Dream Forward events by accessing