by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Erin Duffy, Katherine McLaughlin, & Kassidy Borger

Public Relations Committee Member Erin Duffy ran the THON™ 5K powered by PNC on October 22. She filmed her experience as a runner and what future runners can look forward to in the future!

Q: What are some things you did to prepare for THON 5K? 

“I planned my outfit based on the colder weather that was expected during the race. I also stretched and also kind of prepped how I wanted to race. I knew I wouldn’t run the whole race but I wanted to try to challenge myself.”

Q: Did you maintain the pace you wanted? 

“I did – there wasn’t a specific goal I had set for myself but I did what I wanted to do which was run as much as I could then walk when I needed to.”  

Q: What is your favorite post marathon snack? 

“Chips and salsa for sure.”  

Q: What was your motivation for running? 

“I’ve been wanting to get more into running and I figured what better way to really start my running journey than the THON 5K!”  

Q: What was your favorite part of THON 5K? 

“Probably the end of the race. After the race, running to the finish line with everyone cheering you on is so special and I could also hear my captains cheering me on which felt awesome!”  

Q: What was the most challenging route of the run? 

“Definitely the hill that goes by the library. It was on the later part of the race, so walking up that when I was already tired was a little hard.”  

Q: Did you always want to run the 5K, or was it a spontaneous decision? 

“It was more of a spontaneous decision, I had thought about doing it for a while and then a couple days before my roommate and I realized how fun it would be, plus it was another way to get more involved in THON.”

Cover photo credit to: Olivia Damato