by Ella Rubenstein

Written by: Megan Pauley, Samantha Matushek, & Jordan Brown

From October 23 to November 8, join the THON™ Community in supporting the Dream Forward Campaign! During his time, THON has a goal to raise $850,000 to support Four Diamonds. The THON Community has helped over 4,800 families through Dream Forward fundraising and continues to work towards this commitment.   

With this fundraising, THON works to provide emotional and financial support, as well as funds for innovative research. Over the course of 17 days, there are numerous opportunities to support THON through the Dream Forward Campaign. Please join the THON Community for some of the events detailed below.  

October 23: Kickoff Event, Phone-a-THON  

Be sure to gather in the HUB-Robeson Center (HUB) on October 23rd for the fifth annual Phone-a-THON event. This event gives THON volunteers the opportunity to spread awareness about the Dream Forward campaign with friends and family through phone calls, text messages or emails. There is a chance to win funding towards your credited organization, by completing one phone call, three emails or 10 text messages.  

Photo: Emily Deacon

 October 25: Org Trivia Night  

On October 25th at 6:30 PM join the Dream Forward Trivia Night in the Thomas Building on campus! It is the fourth trivia night that THON has done to encourage fundraising efforts of the Community. There will be $7,500 crediting funds, along with other exciting prizes such as priority entrance into THON! Bring your thinking caps and a group of people who can help your organization win money.   

October 26: Social Media Storm #1, Vibe Coffee FTK, THON Pickleball  

It’s time to take over social media and support THON! Post the image presented, along with your DonorDrive link on Facebook and Instagram at the same time on October 26 at 10 AM to help spread the word about our cause. The mission of THON can reach far beyond State College if we work together!  

From 7AM-6PM, join the THON Community at Vibe Coffee in State College for a chance to help fundraise for the Dream Forward Campaign. Only in person orders are accepted.  

Come play pickleball with us for a night this year! A round-robin format will be used, with three games per team guaranteed for teams of two. After that, the best teams will play in a tournament organized like a bracket. Funds will be credited to the Dream Forward fundraising totals of the top three teams. Because there are only a few spots available, register here!  

October 30: 2000 Degrees  

From 11 AM-9 PM, 2000 Degrees downtown is participating in a fundraiser for the Dream Forward Campaign! Choose from hundreds of pieces and get creative! A portion of the proceeds will be credited to the organization you are representing! There are 3 other days for this opportunity as well!  

Photo: Lyndsay Surkosky

October 31: Merch Grab Bag Sale, 2000 Degrees   

Get ready to represent THON with some awesome vintage merch. Head to the THON store in the HUB, anytime between 11AM and 5 PM. There is presale access available from 9-10 AM, by donating an extra $5 that will be credited with a purchase. You can get four t-shirts or equivalent items for $20 or six t-shirts or equivalent items for $30. Be sure to stop by for the 2nd annual Merchandise Grab Bag Sale.   

See details listed above for information on 2000 Degrees.  

Photo: Emily Deacon

November 1: Raising Cane’s FTK, 2000 Degrees  

On November 1st from 4-10PM, come join the THON Community at Raising Cane’s in State College for another opportunity to help fundraise for the Dream Forward Campaign. This is a great chance to get together with some of your organization members and get dinner For The Kids®. Only in-person orders are included.  

See details listed above for information on 2000 Degrees.  

November 2: Matching Day, 2000 Degrees  

Make sure to donate to THON on November 2nd, as every third donation up to $100 will be matched beginning at 8 AM EST and will continue until funds run out. Every student self-donation will then be matched up to $10 until funds run out at 6 PM EST. Encourage all friends and family to contribute in order to earn fundraising matches as fast as possible. Consider donating some of your own money to help reach your fundraising goal.  

See details listed above for information on 2000 Degrees.  

November 3: Roots FTK, THON Women’s Volleyball  

Feeling healthy? Come to Roots anytime between 10:30 AM-9:30 PM on 11/3! Both in person and online orders are included for the fundraiser. If you order online, please use the order promo code: THON2024.  

Come support our women’s volleyball team at Rec Hall for the annual THON volleyball game. The game starts at 8:30 PM and is against the Nebraska Cornhuskers! THON will be promoted throughout the game, and Four Diamonds families will be joining us that evening! Remember to wear white!  

Photo: Kiley Canimore

November 6: Playa Bowls FTK  

From 1-8 PM, join the THON™ Community at Playa Bowls in State College for another chance to help fundraise for the Dream Forward Campaign! Both in person and online orders are included!  

November 7: F45 Benefitting THON, Social Media Storm #2 

Want to workout with other THON Community members? Sign up today for this F45 class, where a portion of the class fee will be donated to THON™. The workout class starts at 6:30 and is 45 minutes long, hence the 45 in F45. Use this opportunity to credit your organization, committee, or IDC, and sweat it out for THON.   

This day is jam packed with activities, even on social media. Join THON to take over Instagram and Facebook, getting closer to reaching the goal of $850,000. Be sure to post on your social media at 10 AM, with the link to your donor drive.   

November 8: 100 Days ‘Til THON, Dream Forward Total Reveal  

Join the THON Community to celebrate the Dream Forward Total Reveal and 100 days ‘Til THON! Come to the HUB on November 8th from 11 AM-3 PM. During this event, there will also be the 100 Days ‘Til THON Hair Donation. This gives students the chance to donate their hair, to create a wig for Four Diamonds children. There will be activities and fundraising opportunities for organizations. This is the time to see all the fundraising efforts done For The Kids®.   

Cover photo credit to: Kiley Canimore