by Scott Katherine

Awareness committees work to spread the mission of THONTM as far as it can go. There are positions for committee members available on the Public Relations, Communications, Entertainment, and Special Events Committees.

Public Relations (PR) – Ella Rubenstein

Public Relations is now home to the new Media Development Committee! This Committee needs volunteers eager to demonstrate and improve their skills in many different areas such as writing, journalism, and branding. Overall, the Public Relations Committee’s main goal is to spread the mission of THON through multiple types of digital media as well as through in-person communication with members of the press.

“I love being a part of the PRamily because we get to be the voice of THON to thousands of people. Media Development has a unique opportunity to reach outside of the Penn State community through blogs and other forms of media. This is so important when spreading THON’s mission because we share the small parts that truly make the biggest impact! I loved being a PR Committee Member and for the first time felt like I was involved in something special!”

Photo: Dan Hadar

Communications (COMM) – Meghan Duda

If you are proficient in relaying information back and forth throughout various groups, then the Communications Committee could be for you! This Committee works tirelessly to ensure that all THON Volunteers are up to date on upcoming events and opportunities. Additionally, they aid in guiding members of the Penn State community to the positions in THON that suit them best!

“This year I’m the Organizations Coordinator for THON 2024, and I couldn’t be more excited to have this position. When I joined THON in my freshman year, I was chosen to be a Communications Committee Member and on that Committee is where I truly fell in love with this incredible organization. Now in my 5th year at Penn State it seems nothing more than fitting that this is how I end my THON journey as a student! COMM is truly such an incredible Committee because it’s the group that welcomes all individuals and advocates for those who want to make THON part of their Penn State experience. I cannot imagine these past 5 years without THON, so I’m glad I get to be a small part in a group that lets THON be a home for everyone that needs it!”

Photo: JZ Grafstrom

Entertainment (ENT) – Danny Trainor

The Entertainment Committee oversees everything that goes on behind the scenes of THON’s various shows and events. They facilitate all things audio and visual in addition to working to secure performing acts that elicit energy and excitement from crowds of Four Diamonds families, dancers, volunteers, and supporters.

“I am a fourth year and serving as the Student Athlete Engagement Captain on ENT for THON 2024. My previous THON experience includes being a DR Committee Member for 2 years and a DR Mail Call Captain last year. I am so excited to be on ENT this year because it is such an inviting, close-knit family. We have the unique opportunity to work behind the scenes at all pre-THON events and THON Weekend to provide attendees, volunteers, and most importantly, our families, the most exciting events possible. Join ENT!”

Photo: Elle McIntyre

Special Events (SE) – Gabrielle Lisanti

The Special Events Committee plans all THON events that occur throughout the year. Through exciting events such as the THON 5K Powered by PNC, Family Carnival, 100 Days ‘Til THON, and the THON Showcase, Special Events inspires the THON Community. Throughout the year, this Committee builds a very close-knit atmosphere between all volunteers and supporters for THON Weekend.

“I am one of the Special Events Family Carnival Captains and I’m so excited to create amazing memories for Four Diamonds families and volunteers this year at our main family-focused event! Last year, I was the Hospitality Inventory Captain, and my favorite moment was decorating cookies and interacting with families during Family Carnival. I chose Special Events because of how much spirit and excitement we bring to the THON community through the events we plan over the course of the year. These events bring everyone together while incorporating engaging activities for Committees, Orgs, volunteers, families, and the Penn State community. THON is a year-round effort, and our events bring excitement for THON Weekend and involvement for our community. I love Special Events because the work we do to plan and execute these major events allows us to unite everyone involved in THON and showcase the passion and enthusiasm each volunteer puts into the year!”

Photo: Cady Barcak