by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Amanda Klemick and Ella Rubenstein

Written: February 1st, 2023

With THON Weekend right around the corner, things are really beginning to pick up and everyone is preparing to spend long hours at the BJC For the Kids®. However, long hours of standing and dancing THON Weekend calls for some good food to fuel our body and keep the energy flowing! Don’t forget to bring your LionCash and appetite to the BJC for some great food and snacks. Here are some suggestions for food options when you need a little pick me up during the long weekend!  

If you’re looking for a meal option, we recommend the classic cult favorite chicken basket. It comes with 3-4 tenders and a large helping of yummy salty fries. The protein from the chicken and carbs from the fries will fill you up after a long shift. Or, if you need a quick meal, it’s a great portable option thanks to the basket. We recommend it with a dipping sauce of your choice; head over to the sauce station where you can choose anything ranging from ketchup to ranch. Also, don’t forget a large drink to keep you hydrated! 

Next, we have the freshly popped popcorn which is perfect if you’re craving a salty snack and don’t need a whole meal. This snack is great because of its portability which is key when you need something simple but delicious. We would pair this with a Gatorade as the sweet mixes well with the saltiness of the popcorn, and for some extra electrolytes during a long shift. Blue is the best flavor, but any flavor of your choice will be super refreshing and keep you going THON weekend.  

Another great meal option are the personal pizzas.You can either get plain cheese or pepperoni which is perfect if you want a little extra protein to fuel you during THON weekend. We love that these are personal pizzas so you can enjoy the whole thing if you don’t want to share with a friend.  

Probably the most delicious option at the Bryce Jordan Center is the Berkey Creamery stand located at Portal 30! Who doesn’t love ice cream?! This is also a solid choice when you need a pick me up nearing the end of the weekend. There’s sure to be a delicious flavor for everyone! Our personal favorites are Death by Chocolate and Alumni Swirl.  

If you’re looking for a fried option, we suggest the curly fries which have a seasoning on top that makes them different from normal fries. A cheese pot on the side would go great with these and perfectly complement the crunch. Don’t forget an ice cold Pepsi to wash it all down.  

If you need some extra food fuel during THON Weekend, the BJC has plenty of options to keep you going. Don’t be overwhelmed by all of these choices, you have the whole weekend to taste test everything! 

Overall Rankings

Chicken basket: 10/10 amazing 

  • Classic chicken fingers and french fries 
  • Amazing reward after a long shift or standing all day 
  • Absolutely the winner 
  • Pairs great with the dipping sauces and an ice cold drink 
  • Great source of protein 

Fresh popped popcorn 

  • Perfect if you’re craving a salty snack 
  • Portable so you can enjoy it while walking around the bjc 
  • Pairs great with a gatorade  


  • Can either get plain cheese or pepperoni 
  • Mini personal size so no guilt for eating the entire thing 

Berkey Creamery – Portal 30 

  • I had no idea they had ice cream at the BJC  
  • Solid option when you need sugar  
  • Who doesn’t like ice cream  
  • There’s a flavor for everyone 

Curly Fries (Twisty fries)  

  • The seasoning on the fries is so good  
  • Could have with a side of nacho cheese 
  • Kinda salty so I recommend getting a drink too