THON Weekend 101: 6 Things to Know Before THON Weekend
by Mehreen Hoque

Written by: Sophia Vicenzino and Jasmin Modricker

Written February 1st, 2023

THON Weekend is less than a month away and here are few things you need to know about before coming to THON Weekend on February 17th to 19th, 2023 in the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC)

1. Wristbands

During THON Weekend, if you are allowed in the BJC, you will be given a wristband that is important to keep on for entrance purposes. Furthermore, you will be given a wristband that lights up. This is really a fun experience as they are all in sync in the BJC so at certain times of the 46 hours, we will all be in sync!!

2. Stands

On Friday, February 17th, each organization, club, philanthropy, etc. will have an entrance plan to enter the BJC prior to the start of THON Weekend. This entrance plan will consist of a time, place, and people to meet with outside of the BJC to wait in a line to enter. Once your organization enters, it is a rush of people to secure an area of the stands in the BJC of where your organization will be standing for the start and remainder of THON weekend. It is important that those who are part of the entrance plan secure an area for your organization and let everyone know where everyone will be located for the next 46 hours. 

3. Line Dance

Every year, a line dance is made for THON Weekend, a song and dance is created to commemorate the past year’s current events, the theme of THON 2023, and more into the dance. It is a 5-minute dance played every hour of the 46 hours that helps everyone stretch and move. It can take a few tries to remember all the words and moves in the line dance, but after doing it for multiple times, you get the hang of it and it can be one of the most exciting parts of THON™!

4. Dancers

Dancers are chosen from organizations, philanthropies, clubs, club sports, and can even be independent dancer couples. These dancers were preselected to be on the floor of the BJC for 46 hours straight without sitting, sleeping, or even showering! You will see students in yellow shirts with these dancers on the floor who are volunteer Dancer Relations committee members that are there to keep the dancers in positive spirits and encourage them along the 46 hour journey. If your organization has a dancer or dancers, make sure to yell their name and encourage them when you are in the BJC, all your support will help them make it to the end!

5. Pep Rally

One of the most fun events that occur during THON Weekend is the pep rally. This even consists of musical and creative acts by athletic teams in return for a winning title. This is one of the most anticipated events of THON weekend, and I would encourage you to take full advantage of it.

6. Final Four

To end of the 46 hour dance marathon, the Final Four is the most anticipated. These few hours include Family Hour, where all Four Diamonds families are recognized on stage and a few share their stories with everyone in attendance, in addition to totals form orgs and the reveal of the THON 2023 total!!