by Molly Ligon

Written By: Katelyn Weller and Erica Smith

As much as dancers can prepare for THON Weekend, there are some things that are unexpected and surprising.  

To learn more about the behind the scenes of THON, dancers that are in Phi Chi Theta, a professional co-ed business fraternity, shared some insight.

Allison Lutschaunig, the organization’s Family Relations Director, stated, “I didn’t expect it to be so difficult to find your friends that are also dancing. Plus, I had no idea there would be so many cheese sticks and other snacks on hand.”

CJ Besz, a senior dancer, said “I was surprised with the amount of games they have available for us. There’s anything you can think of, like cornhole, crossword puzzles, and CanJam.”

Sophia Ghinos, PCT’s THON Director, expressed how she was so caught off guard with the massive amount of support that comes from not only her organization, but every committee member. Additionally, she stated, “The four flavors of Gatorade available were another nice surprise.”

Sean Durant, another senior dancer, mentioned how he was shocked at the amount of time the dancers have to be awake before they actually stand and begin the 46 hours. 

Kate Wilson, senior dancer and Special Events Captain, stated she didn’t expect to sit in the BJC for so long before the dancers stand. 

Mike Scribner, another senior dancer, said he was surprised at how long the dancer meals take to get. 

Bobby McLuckey, a junior dancer and an Alumni Communications Coordinator, stated “Being a captain, I knew mostly what to expect coming into THON Weekend, but I didn’t know Natasha Bedingfield was coming!”

Pat McCartney, a current senior, stated his biggest shock was how bored he already is! 

Clearly, no amount of preparation can fully prepare one for every aspect of THON Weekend. Thank you to the members of Phi Chi Theta for sharing some of the behind the scenes!