by Mehreen Hoque

Written By: Kassidy Borger and Martina Cornacchia

Lauren Nedrow is a dancer this year in THON™ 2023. It is her first year participating in THON. She is a part of the Fayette Benefitting THON and is the Special Events Captain. In her free time, her favorite things to do are hang out with her friends, making memories, and helping people.

When asked why she participates in THON she replied with, “Her family, friends, little cousins and the for all the kids.” When asked to elaborate further on why she is in THON she said, “I have four little cousins that range from the age one to six and I could never imagine them having to go through what these kids go through every day”. Her favorite fundraiser that Fayette does is bingo and she added, “They get everyone together and it’s a great time for everyone to come together.”  She said her her favorite meal she ate for dancer meals at the time of this interview were the boneless wing bites. 

We asked her in what ways do you get to interact with your THON families? She replied with, “One of our families, Emma is a senior in high school so she is really busy, so they often zoom with her.” Her favorite THON memory and experiences are, “the memories [she] made with new found friends that will last forever”. Her favorite part of THON weekend so far is, “the line dance. It gets everyone moving and everyone is doing the same thing at the same exact time”. When asked if she got to see and interact with her family she said, “We were at the concert with Emma and were front row with her”. For the rest of her time as a dancer during the time of this interview she most looked forward to her team making memories and meeting new people.