by Molly Ligon

Written By: Katelyn Weller and Erica Smith

Every year the Dancer Relations captains create a Line Dance. The Line Dance is performed sporadically throughout THON Weekend and is utilized as a way to bring up the energy in the Bryce Jordan Center. 

The line dance encapsulates major pop culture moments and world-wide events that have occurred in the past year, as well as capturing THON’s mission and theme. 

Alex Ramirez and Drew Conte are seniors who chose to spend their final THON Weekend dancing for their organization, Lambda Chi Alpha. When asked about the line dance, they were excited to share their first impressions and appreciation for the tradition.

Alex expressed how the line dance covers so many current and important events, both pop culturally and globally. He said, “It has a lot of great movements that keep me really active and stretched out which I love.” Drew had a very similar outlook on the line dance, agreeing that it keeps his body moving and his muscles warmed up. 

Next, they discussed their favorite part of the line dance. They simultaneously agreed that the Lil Uzi Vert song, “I Just Wanna Rock,” stands out to them the most. They stated it keeps their energy and morale high. 

Alex and Drew have been friends since their second year at Penn State and have grown closer through their organization, Lambda Chi Alpha. 

Alex said, “First off, I THON so more kids can laugh. Also, to inspire the younger members of my organization to follow in my footsteps.” Drew followed with that he, “Originally, I didn’t have a personal connection to THON, but when I came to the event freshman year, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Also, I want to show the younger members that it is a great opportunity to have a great experience but also be a part of something greater than yourself.” 

Alex and Drew are looking forward to the rest of their experience as dancers and will continue to use the line dance to keep their spirits high throughout the weekend.