THON Weekend 2023 Event Spotlight – Kid’s Talent Show
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Sarah Strent, Bayla Plower, and Colin Cross

Julia Finkel, FR Family Events Coordinator Captain

  1. What was your role in planning the Kid’s Talent Show? 

As Family Events Coordinator for Family Relations, the Kids Talent Show was one of my main events to plan. I was in charge of family sign ups and coordinating the acts. I also wrote the script and chose the order of the acts. My co-captain on the Entertainment committee, Grace Talbot, also helped a lot with the stage coordination.

  1. How did you coordinate with the families for the Talent Show?

I was in contact with families many months before in order to ensure their acts were stage ready and to coordinate correct passes for stage escorts.

  1. What is the most rewarding part of your role as FR Family Events Coordinator Captains?

The most rewarding part of my role is getting to form strong relationships with families involved and being able to act as an advocate for children and families to feel as comfortable as possible come show time! 

  1. What performances stood out to you? 

Honestly I thought all the performances were absolutely incredible! 

However, one act that really stood out to me was the Fleagle family’s rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing!” This was their first THON and performing on stage is not an easy task, but they blew the crowd away with their passion and talents!

I also loved the light saber battle! I think this was one of the most original acts 🙂 and after speaking with the Krodel family and knowing the meaning behind this act made it even more meaningful. Levi’s brother, Christian’s character, the villain, was made to represent cancer and Levi was playing himself. This battle was representative of his battle with cancer and how he came close to losing but ultimately defeated it! The fact that a kid could come up with something so meaningful is inspiring! 

  1. How did you feel watching the show and seeing it all come to life?

Seeing the whole show and all my planning for months come to life was honestly surreal! I don’t even think I have the right words to explain it. It was pure bliss which was reaffirmed by crowd cheering and commentary!

Sarah Cecco, FR Family Events Coordinator Captain:

  1. What performances stood out to you? 

The Braedon Flegal Family performed Don’t Stop Believing and it was so amazing, I have truly never seen the crowd so excited. It was the family’s first THON and the fact that they got on stage and hyped up the crowd was so exciting to see.  

  1. How did you feel watching the show and seeing it all come to life?

It was so special seeing all the performances come to life. We plan all year and communicate with these families to put together the event, so seeing it come to life and the smile on everyone’s face is so special that we had a small part in allowing these families and kids to create these memories!