THON Weekend 2023 Org Dancer Spotlight – Molly Saltzman, Penn State Lionettes Dance Team
by Molly Ligon

Written By: Lucy Pearce and Leoni Siribandu

THON Weekend is finally here! As the Bryce Jordan Center fills up with dancers, Four Diamonds families, student volunteers, and various organizations, we are excited to spotlight THON Weekend dancer, Molly Saltzman.

Molly Saltzman is a senior majoring in marketing and is involved in THON™ through the Penn State Lionettes Dance Team. Molly is a captain on the team and is extremely excited to represent the Lionettes and stand 46 hours For the Kids®!

The Lionettes are paired with two amazing Four Diamond families.  Ashley Patterson has been paired with the team since 2007 and the Shiloh Crimmel Family has been with them since 2018. The Crimmel parents, along with their children Shiloh and Harper, are excited to hang out with the Lionettes for THON Weekend 2023.

Molly and the Lionettes have a great bond with the Crimmel family. The team loves to plan fun activities when the Crimmels visit State College! Now that the family is at THON Weekend, Molly has enjoyed her time interacting with the family. Molly and the Crimmel’s started the weekend by standing up together and will close THON Weekend sitting down together. Beginning and ending the weekend with the Crimmels by her side serves as motivation for Molly throughout the weekend. 

A moment that stood out to Molly was her first entrance into the BJC. Hundreds of committee members, volunteers and students created a “human tunnel” to welcome and celebrate the dancers as they entered the stadium to kick off THON Weekend. As Molly walked through the crowd, she saw her past committee members, friends, and family all cheering to support her and the mission of THON. For Molly, this was a great start to the weekend and a reminder of why she remains involved in THON.

Looking back on past THON memories, Molly recalled that her favorite memory occurred during THON 2021. 2021 was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and THON Weekend was not able to be held in person. Though things were not normal, the Lionettes Dance Team came together and made the mission and experience of THON alive. Molly explained, “whether you were a freshman or senior that year, you got to experience THON, even in a time of unknowns. Covid stopped a lot of things but it didn’t stop THON.”  This memory has stuck with Molly and inspired her to continue to support THON’s mission and represent the Lionettes throughout the weekend.

The Lionettes are looking forward to their dance performance at the THON Pep Rally. Molly helped choreograph and teach the dance and the team is excited to perform in the showcase. All members of the dance team are highly involved in THON though committees and organization. Molly says that she is “looking forward to seeing everyone come together as a dance team in the Pep Rally.”

As THON weekend continues, Molly is in high spirits and is excited for the hours to come. She enjoys talking with others, hearing their stories, meeting new people, and palling around with the Crimmel family.  Molly’s dedication and love to THON’s mission continue to inspire her and fulfill THON’s 2023 theme of “fostering the magic.”